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Ah, Star Trek, Paramount Picture's pride and joy the icon of hope for the future. First it was a little inkling in the back of Gene Roddenberry's head now it has grown and blossomed into a large wonderful self-sustaining universe. Well not exactly self-sustaining it need's it's fans Trekkers and Trekkies alike to keep it going to have that same fire in their minds called imagination. Some who are brave enough (or stupid enough) put pen to paper and bring that imagination to life.

And now in a very brave move on my part I present to you a whole new yet small part of the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Adventures

Okay I know what you're thinking the idea is as old as time travel but hey what do you want the first of these were written nearly ten years ago but I must admit they are not exactly what you think. These presented here are the stories of a group a cadets not yet known. Taking place in the late 23rd century these kids are nothing like the young James Kirk or seasoned Jean-Luc Picard. The original story line was created by my brother-in-law Keeton using people around him for the basic characters though they have grown far from their models. Check out their Character Profiles.

Here are only a few of the story lines thought up for you're enjoyment.

The Integra Incident - The story in script form written by Ryan Keeton that started it all.

Enter: The Sandman - A story inspired by Metallica's "Enter Sandman" but completely different from what you might expect. DeArra's reality becomes dreamland, while everyone else's becomes death.

Dancing with the Past - Jenifer's story of her secret life before Starfleet. (Note: there are references in this to a couple stories I am not going to post.)

Whirlwind - Jenifer's emotions gets sucked into a situation that spirals out of her control. (Note: I think this one goes here, I just don't remember anymore..)

Father's Son - Arron's Father is kidnapped, and it's up to Arron and Jenifer to save him. (Another Note: by this time Arron has graduated Starfleet and this also refers back to earlier stories)

Retribution - Dijon's back and boy is he ever mad, guesss who he want's to take it out on. (Note: there's no note, I just didn't want to break a trend)

The knife means these stories are along a common story line (and best read in order) with the last taking place well after our cadets have left the Academy and been working together for years.

Disclaimer: As always Star Trek and it's characters are copyright Paramount Pictures, everything else is copyright me (and my bro-in-law) so give us credit if you deem these stories worthy enough to pass on to a friend. The former stories have not been completely edited so I would please ask you to consider this in your comments.

You may write me using that wonderful imagination of yours, just click here!

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