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This list is for the purpose of informing fans of when I post updates and new stories to my website. This will be infrequent mailings; once perhaps every few months or so. You will not receive updates for Leaving the Light on this list as it has its own separate list at

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I will not share your e-mail with anyone. This is a private list and I will only contact you through this list. It is used solely for posting updates to my website. This is an announce only list which means that only I have the ability to send messages to the group, and is only one way no one else will ever see your e-mail address. If you have any questions or comments you may e-mail me directly at


  1. Stories by Christine Schnell My Story "Golden Man" featured on
    Sent October 18th 2011

    Hi all, I know it's been forever since I posted anything. I've had quite a busy life and haven't had a lot of time for writing. However, today I have big news! I'm featured on My story "Golden Man" is featured on! It'...

  2. Stories by Christine Schnell Page Dancers is coming soon!
    Sent January 9th 2010

    Stories by Christine Schnell Page Dancers is coming soon! It's finally happening! My first publication is on it's way. I have two stories in the /Page Dancers anthology./ I also was the main proofreader and editor on it. At the moment it's in preorde...

  3. Stories by Christine Schnell Two new short stories
    Sent August 10th 2009

    Hi all, I've posted two new short stories. Mirrormen and The Pirate Queen, you can check them out at the links below. Mirrormen: In what I hope is a Poesque style, a sees little men in the mirror, but the consequences of what he really sees could be de...

  4. New Stories Uploaded
    Sent June 21st 2009

    New Stories Uploaded Hi, I've really been getting behind in my updates. I've just done another major organization to my homepage and so I added quite a few new stories to go with them. Here's a quick list;Lilly's Picnic The Faren RealmAlona and the Drag...

  5. Stories by Christine Schnell Happy Halloween!
    Sent October 30th 2008

    Stories by Christine Schnell Happy Halloween! Hi all, Um... ok so I know I said I wasn't going to update that often (and that I was going to concentrate on Leaving the Light) but I just threw together a short story perfect for Halloween so I had to post...

  6. Stories by Christine Schnell Message
    Sent October 25th 2008

    Hi all, As I mentioned in my previous e-mail I also added you to a separate list for my short stories, and guess what! I already have two new short stories for you! A fairy tale with a twist; An evil man kidnaps the prince's family and demands the hand...


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