Your browser does not support script Alona and the Dragon by: Christine Schnell

Alona and the Dragon by: Christine Schnell

"Oh Robin, tell me you love me!"



"Nooo! Dragon! Run!"

"What are you on-- Ahhhhh!!!! It's got me! Let me go you brute! Wait... no, don't drop me!. Let me go gentllllllly! Ouch!"

"Sing little girl, I like song while I'm preparing my meal."

"What? What do you want with me?"

"Well isn't it obvious?"

"You're going to eat me? But I've never seen a dragon as handsome as you."

"Flattery will only spoil your flavor tiny."

"It's true, your square snout, your long, sharp horns, those wings! They're beautiful, and the jewels on your chest, they sparkle so wonderfully, you must be a wealthy dragon."

"You'll not want to feel my horns, and wealth means nothing to a dragon, these are armor for my underbelly. You would know nothing of it. You see them only as a means to give you more material possessions. What good are they to you? You know nothing about true wealth. Now sing or I will silence you."

"You are quite a wise dragon aren't you? I like a dragon with some smarts. I bet you can be quite sweet when you want to be."

"You will taste sweet to me, now come here so I can test that theory."

"Don't eat me! I love you!"

"Ha! Love!? A human? Humans do not know love. They think they do but they treat it like a toy. They crush it into a ball and bat it around. They say it is their favorite thing in the world and they would do everything to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. Eventually it would get dusty and dirty and when they accidentally toss it over the fence they make no effort to retrieve it. They let it lie alone and forgotten and find another new ball to play with. They are lazy and go the easy route. They forget love is hard and at times one must go against all odds, all conventions, to keep their love, the most important thing in the universe. It is not for the selfish wants of an individual.

Love is sacrifice. You would throw away your faith and god to be with me. Your god would believe it is a sin for you to be with me, but is it? Is love a sin? Love is the purest emotion not the basest. Yet you people mistreat it; from the molestation of children to committing adultery.

Human's love is fleeting. Today you say you love me, but tomorrow that may change. Even if you say it is forever, it never is with you. True love never dies. You do not know true love. You mistake many forms of love for true love. Your own love depends solely on what you will gain from it.

You would do anything for me. If you truly loved me human you would know there is no meat for me to eat anywhere. You would give yourself to me, freely and with gratitude that you could help me to live another month."

"Yes I love you, but is there no other way? I will die for you if I must."

"No human. You'd beg for your life at the very end, as you already have. You would scream while I slit you open begging for your god's forgiveness for your sins of loving a dragon. You do not love me. You never have. Now enough of a lecture, I am hungry."

"but-but I do love you..."

"Grrrrr... You say you love me?"


"Then do what a lover would do."

"I'll.... I'll get you someone else to eat!"

"Hahaha... You would do that much for me, my tasty treat? Stay here and be my slave gathering me sweet morsels?"


"This is an interesting proposition. Well, then, go, find me some food. I warn you, if you do not return quickly, I will find you and your family, no one in your village will survive."

"I'll be back quickly."


"I have waited about long enough. I will eat her whole family and let her watch. Wait, I hear her."

"This way Robin. We'll be safe from the dragon in here."

"Are you sure? It looks a little like a dragon's cave."

"Yes, I hid in here after I escaped from him, he didn't come near here."

"Alona, you are the best girl in the village, really, everyone says you're the prettiest, most clever- Ahhhhh! Dragon! run!"

"Not so fast fat boy. Ah there you are!"

"No, no, let me go. Alona, help!"

"I can't"

"No, dear boy, she brought you to me for my supper."

"What? She-? She lied?"

"Oh yes, and now you are mine."


"Yum, that was quite a nice appetizer but he didn't quite satisfy me."

"Why are you looking at me like that. I did what you wanted."

"No, you did what you wanted, and I obliged. Now my treacherous little (treat) you will join the one you betrayed. I warned you not to treat love as a toy and here you brought me the boy you pretended to love before me."

"No, please! Nooo-"

"mmmm... Now I am full. That was quite good. Humans are a fickle lot yet filling. Virgins are the best. Gah, but that one left a sour taste in my mouth."

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send me any comments you might have, good or bad. Copyrighted 2009 by Christine Schnell. Go ahead and share it with others just keep my name with it.
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