Your browser does not support script The Making of Cain by: Christine Schnell

The Making of Cain by: Christine Schnell

Thus Cain stood jaw bone held high. Abel moved not. Cain thrust the jaw bone upon the ground and there knelt beside his brother. Abel's head in his hands, the blood of his life stained Cain. His sacrifice to his holy father complete. The holy spirit's ghost did not shine down on Cain.

Then a raven scratched upon the ground. And Cain looked upon him. And thus knew his brother would rest in the ground. Upon receipt of this knowledge Cain buried his brother and still the raven looked upon him.

"Dost thou expect God's praise?" The raven asked. "It is His wrath thou shalt incur."

"Thou speaks falsely, this is the greatest sacrifice." Cain argued.

The raven flew at Cain and pricked his hand thus taking a sacrifice of blood.

Then God spoketh unto him, "Where is your brother Abel?"

"I knowest not," he replied. "Am I my brother's keeper?" Cain cradled his bloodied hand. Anger now over ran him for he learnt one sacrifice is greater than the other.

And thus God cast Cain out of His land to wander the Earth. There upon Cain found the land of Nod, east of Eden. He reveled in the great emptiness of this land. Cain traveled and tilled the land growing wilted crops of tasteless fruit. Woe filled the heart of Cain. And soon loneliness too took Cain.

And one day God took pity upon Cain. He wished to populate the world with his children. And thus God led Lilith to Cain.

"Thou seeketh a wife, Cain." Spoke God. "Thus deliver me children and thoust shalt have my forgiveness."

Cain refused to believe God would forgive him for his sins were great. He ignored Lilith.

Lilith, unaccepting of his refusal, sought answers to how she might gain the love of Cain. God spoke not to her. Anger now filling Lilith she asked an old raven for an answer to her problem. "Speaketh not of Cain, but giveth me thoust blood." The raven pricked her finger and drew forth her blood tasting it upon his tongue.

Lilith cried for now she knew the raven as Lucifer. She knew not what she'd done. She went and cried to Cain. "Forgiveth me, for I have asked Lucifer to make thoust mine husband."

And thus Cain comforted Lilith and her tears fell upon him. This melted Cain's heart and thus Cain learnt he loved Lilith. With Lilith he gave his God many fine children. Still he believed God had rejected him and exiled him. His children and children's children would forever be out cast. His God would never forgive what he had done. The blood of his blood would not be enough of a sacrifice. "Why hast thou forsaken me?" Cain wept for the pain of being forever separated from his Holy Father.

And thus a raven landed at their feet. And spoketh that raven, "I offer thee a gift, Cain." Cain knew this bird now for the evil it was. Yet he feared not. "I offer thee an end of pain. Drinketh this blood of life. Blood of thine, Lilith's and mine, made powerful in the mixing. Thou shalt become blood of my blood forever bonded. My child. And I shalt always forgive thoust sins."

And thus Cain took the vile of blood which the raven had in its claw and swallowed all. Lilith held Cain as his body burnt and the last of his pain wreathed his body.

And Cain looked up. The raven now a large man, handsome and placid smiled. The blood of life dripped from his teeth. Cain fell upon his keens and wept. For he was thankful to his new father.

"This comes at a price." Lucifer spoke, "Thoust must prove thy faith in me with one more sacrifice."

Cain followed the gaze of his unholy father to his wife and felt the affliction of true hunger in his heart.

And thus Cain found the taking of blood removed all pain, all emotions. However, it did not satisfy. And thus Cain wondered the Earth, taking blood from all whose path he crossed. Cain sired a new breed for his unholy father. All walk with him taking from the living to sacrifice for the damned.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send me any comments you might have, good or bad. Copyrighted 2008 by Christine Schnell. Go ahead and share it with others just keep my name with it.
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