Your browser does not support script Dr. Dunno by: Christine Schnell

Dr. Dunno by: Christine Schnell

The night had been fabulous. He'd danced with every woman in the place. Right now he was dancing with the most beautiful and charming creature he'd ever seen. When she first walked in the room, it fell silent and all eyes turned to her. She looked like an angel in her blue evening gown and blonde curls. His heart pounded as she found an empty seat near his. Others, less sophisticated, asked her to dance. His was the only offer she accepted. Her shy smile as he asked her to dance was to die for. She was quiet at first but his charisma soon won her over. He prepared himself for the coup de grace; asking her if he could escort her out.

That was when reality popped in for a visit. He heard the familiar chirp in his ear. "If you'll excuse me a moment, my dear, I have business to attend to."

"Certainly, though I'd enjoy helping you with your business." She fingered his collar.

"Hmmm... And I might just take you up on that offer. You can make an appointment with my secretary."

"I will. She may even fill your calendar up with me."

"Agent 08 quit flirting with the pretty girl and get up here!" A voice called in the small hidden earpiece.

"Well then see you at 8 a.m. sharp, honey bunny." He kissed her on the cheek.

"See you in the morning, boss." She winked at him. He wished he were her boss. And he didn't even get her number.

With a light skip Agent 08 worked his way through the R.I.G.H.T. halls.

The Christmas music grew dimmer as he walked further away from the annual R.I.G.H.T. holiday party. He yawned as he found it was later than he realized.

"Agent 08, I'm waiting!"


"I'm waiting for you to answer the question, Michael." The gray haired teacher pounded the ruler on his desk. Mike's head popped up. He blinked several times at his teacher. Mike wasn't in a fancy building he was in his sixth grade class room and all the other children were laughing at him.

" What was the question again?" he asked wincing at his teacher's stern gaze. He wanted to shrink his head into his body like a turtle and not come out.

"Mike Marshall, meet me directly after class."

"Sleeping again, dufus!" Big Ivan tossed a wad of paper at him.

They all laughed, the nerdy girl with the glasses, the bullies, even the quiet kid. Everyone except Mary, the new girl. She sat angelically with her blonde curls not sure how to react. He took it all quietly as he always did. They would see one day. He'd have the last laugh.


Recess time came and he quietly slipped out watching the others with a careful eye making sure not to turn his back on any of them. Then he saw her, the blonde girl, sitting all by herself. He thought about what he might say to make her feel more welcome. He sighed not being able to come up with anything.

"Hey dork!" One bully hit him on the back of the head while another grabbed his bag.

"Hey, give that back!" He jumped for the bag as they held it just out of reach. Then another of the bullies grabbed him and held him back. Big Ivan started going through the bag and found his notebook. It was full of his drawings that the jerk tore out and let the wind blow all over the play yard. Then he came to Mike's homework page that he'd already finished for the whole week. Most importantly his essay that took him three days to write.

"Well, well, what's this? You've already done my homework for me? How kind." Big Ivan ripped those pages out as well, though he pocketed them instead of letting them fly away. Then he threw the bag as far as he could into the field and started walking in the opposite direction. "Let 'im go boys. Let 'im go cry to momma."

They dropped him. And Mike vowed to get his revenge. First, though he had to meet his teacher after class.


"Agent 08, I am glad you are here. We are in a dire situation." The gray haired man sat behind his desk in a well-pressed suit. He looked his agent up and down, dressed to the nines in a tuxedo, tails and all. His hair well greased. The thin, tanned, man smiled a quirky grin with brilliantly white teeth. "I'm sorry to pull you away from the office holiday party but the safety of the world is in peril."

"Not a problem, Boss. The night was boring. Even the ladies were unintriguing." All except her, he thought. "I'm ready for something more interesting."

"Oh, this promises to be. Operation 'my dog ate it.'" He handed Agent 08 a folder. "A copious amount of a chemical agent numbered 42 known only by its code name 'the essay' has been stolen. We believe Dr. I. Dunno of W.R.O.N.G. is behind it." His boss informed him.

"Didn't he play third base on Yankee's?"


"No, he was on first."

"They all have peculiar names now a days don't they?" His boss smirked slightly then went back to being completely serious after clearing his throat. "Ahem, yes, well, if 'the essay' is released into the atmosphere it will spread and kill all plant life on earth. Vegetarians everywhere will die of starvation."

"Not a large loss." Agent 08 shrugged.

"Cows are vegetarians too, Agent 08, eventually you'll be out of a food source as well."

"Egad! This mad man must be stopped!"

"You'll use code name Roman Hall for this mission. Your contact will meet you at 11 p.m. near the Lincoln memorial. He will provide you with the detail package. He will initiate contact with the words: dodge ball hurts. You will respond with: the answer is always 'c.'"


"Very well. See F at once for your new operative equipment. That is all."

"Thank you, sir. I will not disappoint you."

"See that you don't."


Mike left the teacher's office after getting chewed out and stepped with trepidation into the hallway. The bullies could be anywhere waiting for him. There at the end of the hall Gretchen, the nerdy girl, sat by her locker engaged in a book. Maybe he could stall for time by talking to her.


"Agent 08, Merry Christmas, I have some presents for you." Agent F said as she saw him approach.

"You are my present, lassie." He kissed her on the forehead and she didn't give him the usual female giggle. Instead a bit of fire came from her eyes.

"So agent F, why 'F' anyway? Everyone else has numbers." He leaned in close to her with a winning smile. "Because you're 'female' or did you 'fail' your foreign service exam?" He pinched her on the cheek.

"No, it's because I'll 'F' you up if you touch me again. I don't take kindly to harassment."

"Oh ho, you have spunk!" Nonetheless, he snapped his hand back as if burned.

"Your charms may work on others but I have an anti-charm spray I use every day so agents like yourself don't try to finagle secret seducing pheromones and other useful items from me."

"Ah well don't let that into enemy hands. It may be very dangerous for me." He tried his winning grin again to no avail.

"Now to business." She pushed her glasses up on her nose. "This little device is pure genius!" Agent F said with enthusiasm. "It can surreptitiously take pictures, tell you exactly where you are and where you're going, provide instant information, and even perform simultaneous communication."

"May I have my cell phone back?" Agent 08 placed his hand out.

"I wish I'd though of it, would have made me a fortune." She shrugged and handed it over. "I did make one modification to it, however. Using a directional beacon you can tap in to any phone within a 1000 feet." She pushed a box towards him. "These are your normal fare spy wear." Agent 08 pulled out normal enough looking objects; a watch, shoes, cufflinks, tie tack, lighter and pen. "I have one more item you'll find useful." She handed him two small black boxes. "You know what to do with them."

Agent 08 looked at them with approval nodded once then stuffed them in his pocket.

"Finally," Agent F said with pride. "The pieces de resistance. She walked to the door and opened it into the garage, "Your wheels."


Mike rode his old, squeaky bike through the streets until he spotted the bully walking home. He ditched the bike and started to follow on foot. He couldn't let them notice him. He wasn't ready for a confrontation quite yet. Then he spotted the one he'd been looking for; Shy Sean. The bullies didn't pick on him because he'd been held back twice and was bigger than them. They kind of looked up to him. Mike thought maybe he could get some information from him about the bullies.


Agent 08 a.k.a. Roman Hall sped through the dark Washington DC streets in his silver Ferrari. It wasn't quite his meeting time yet but he wanted to scope the joint out first. He parked in a street two blocks away so as not to be noticed. He flipped the collar of his gray trench coat up to keep the wind off his neck as he slinked down the street keeping to the shadows. He lowered his gray fedora over his eyes, hiding his features.

There was a sinking sensation in his gut. He turned quickly down the path towards the memorial and ducked behind a tree. He examined the area. There was nothing. Was his tail that good? He knew he was being followed. He always knew. He had to lose the tail before meeting his contact.

There were few people in the park. A strange looking man on a park bench, a couple walking their dogs, a couple of lovers kissing against a tree and another man walking the same path he was some ways behind. Agent 08 pretended not to notice any of them and stuck to the shadows. The man on the path always seemed to be the same distance behind him.

He hid behind a tree at his first opportunity and when his tail pretended to walk by without noticing Agent 08 jumped out in front of him. He pressed his tie tack and a small stream of smoke shot out at the man. The tail coughed, waving his hand before his face, but it was too late. He fell unconscious right into Agent 08's arms. He dragged the man over into some bushes. He could sleep it off there.

Agent 08 made his way over to the park bench and the large man. The large man also wore a trench coat and held a case in his lap. He'd been watching each passing person with interest.

His long coat sleeve hid all but a bit of metal that linked to his briefcase. Agent 08 knew it was handcuffed to his arm. This had to be his contact. He walked nonchalantly to the bench directly behind the large man and sat diagonal to him. After a couple with two noisy dogs passed by the large man said quietly "Hmph, reminds me of when my dog ate my homework. I don't miss my school days. Dodge ball hurts."

"The answer is always 'c.'" Agent 08 laughed as if he were nostalgic.

The other man leaned back and whispered, "Press the fourth button on your watch seven times." Without question Agent 08 did so and then heard a small click near the man's wrist. The handcuff came loose. The large man placed the briefcase next to him on the ground. "Happy Holidays." He tipped his head to Agent 08 and walked away.

Agent 08 stood and, as if it belonged to him, took the briefcase with him.


In the quiet of his house Mike sat at the computer looking up the address Shy Sean had given him. With this he could find the secret lair... er home of Big Ivan. He planned to go and ask Ivan's parent's nicely for his homework back. But if that didn't work, he needed a backup plan.

At their house twenty cats circled his feet. He couldn't even get to the front door. His allergies prevented him from going very far as he sneezed over and over. Ivan's mother came to the door. "Oh my, Gazundheit. What can I do for you, dear?"


Agent 08 spent all night sifting through the details of his mission. The villain Dr. Ivan Dunno had "the essay" locked away tight in his secret layer. There was one who knew how to get to it. He studied her picture and knew the old lady. She guarded everything with 20 wild cats, from jaguars to lions. It'd be tough to get to her, but by god he had to try.

He drove to the W.R.O.N.G. hideout and sat in his Ferrari with his phone to his ear. He wasn't talking to anyone. He was listening to the old lady chat on her phone to some other woman about typical office gossip. The connection was poor. Her words became choppy just as she began to speak about the Dr. and the chemical.

Agent 08 had to take the chance and get closer. He snuck up to the large brick wall scaling it easily with the small grappling hook he kept stored in his car for such purposes. He still wasn't close enough to get a good signal so he moved closer to the building. He stuck to the shadows as he silently moved across the grass looking for surveillance cameras. He was more worried about the attack cats though.

About halfway there they sensed him. He threw a package of meat to the first two Lions. A third cat, a tiger, ignored it and he sprayed it in the face with the last of his knockout gas. He took a few more steps and a jaguar came flying at him. He wrestled with it rolling in the grass. The air was knocked out of him and the cat's teeth in his face. The stench from its breath was bad enough but it was heavy too. He held it by the neck keeping it a hair's breath from his nose. He twisted and turned. Finally he wound up on top and hit it once in the face knocking it out cold. He pulled out his cell phone and listened in just as the receptionist told the other lady that Dr. was at his beach house lab testing the chemical.

Agent 08 snapped the cell phone shut and ran with two cheetahs on his heels.


Agent 08 floored the pedal of his Ferrari with a bare foot. He hadn't been fast enough to escape the cheetahs without loosing one of the pair of his favorite shoes. His right shoe had one of his favorite gadgets too, a dagger in the toe, plus poison pills in the heel.

It wasn't until he got onto the lonely mountain road that he noticed the other car. He began to speed up and drive somewhat erratically. He knew he had to lose this tail too or he might not get to his destination. He sped around curves and took a couple of side roads but still the other car followed. Trees flew by. He turned the wheel this way and that. Despite all his skill he couldn't lose the other car.

It closed in and when he knew it was close enough he flipped a switch on his dashboard. Two streaks of thick, black oil oozed out behind his car right into the other car's tire path. The other car tried to brake and avoid the oil spill but only succeeded in losing control and headed for one particularly nasty curve.

A woman jumped out of the car just as it flew over the edge. Agent 08 slammed on his brakes and reversed to her.

"Well, well, if it isn't a familiar face." She was the same mystery woman from the Christmas party. Had she been there spying on them? He'd have to tread carefully with her.

"Well, if it isn't...?"

"Hall, Roman Hall. And you are?"

"Mary Clark." He raised an eyebrow. He doubted that was her real name. "You're the one they sent to get Dr. I. Dunno's chemical agent 42." She said with vehemence.

"His chemical?" He laughed. "My dear it belongs to the US Government."

"What? He told me he created it and they stole it from him."

"I'm afraid you've been duped."

She huffed thinking about this then looked up at him batting her eyes. "You wouldn't be interested in giving me a ride would you? I could get you into his secret lab."

He eyed her and wasn't sure if he should trust her or not. "Pleeeease." Ah, his heart just couldn't take it anymore and he opened the passenger door for her.


The Ferrari pulled up to the beach causing dust to fly everywhere. Ah, what a beautiful sight. A lovely day with the ocean dark blue and the sky nearly indiscernible from it. He got out of the car and took a deep breath examining the area and the lone house in the distance. It was serenely quiet. Not a soul around to disturb the tranquillity of the moment.

"You stay in the car. It could be dangerous." Agent 08 told the woman.

"You need me. I can get you into the lab." She pressed the button to release her seat belt but seemed to be having trouble with it.

He smirked crookedly. "I'll be just fine." He took his keys and got out of the car.

"Wait! I can help!" She yelled at him as she pulled on her seat belt. Nothing she could do would release it. He'd engaged the passenger prisoner measure.

"Oh, I don't think so, lassie." He pressed a button on his key fob. The car beeped twice locking the doors on her.


Mike examined the park. The big sandy playground seemed empty, but Ivan's mom had told him he usually played here after school. Mike sat on the swing for a little bit wondering what he was going to do now. The squeaking of the chains on his swing was the only sound he heard. He didn't even know what he would have done if Ivan was here. He just knew he'd worked for over a week on the essay and wasn't going to give it up that easily. A small breeze fluttered leaves and bits of paper across the deserted jungle gym.

He spotted a couple of papers flutter on the bench across the sandbox. They didn't fly away because a rock held them down. He went over there not even aware of the eyes in all the bushes surrounding the bench. As he bent over the papers he realized they were his essay! Big Ivan must have given up and left it for him. He picked them up and leafed through them. Yes, it was all here!

Someone grabbed him by the arms from behind!

"I'll take that!" Big Ivan laughed. "Walked right into our little trap! Now what 'cha gonna do?"


According to the blue prints the only opening without a security system was a slightly small vent on the roof. He went around the house surreptitiously and using his expandable ladder he took from his car climbed up to the roof. The vent was small, he barely fit inside but he stuck in his stomach, dislocated his shoulder and slid in. It opened about 20 feet down to an unusually large vent from which he could navigate.

He touched a button with his toe on his only foot still wearing a shoe. A hundred tiny suction cups activated on the bottom of his shoe. "This would have been easier with both." He said softly. He hopped his way down the vent.

After navigating the vents deep into the bowls of the W.R.O.N.G. secret lair. He found the opening to the large lab. He dropped down into the room. He examined the room. It was a laboratory. Clean and white, there were a few tables with equipment on it. He started looking around to see if he could find "the essay."

That's when the guys in the white suits set off the alarm. He looked around, startled, and prepared for the attack. Two of the men in lab coats came at him with broken bottles and whatever they could grab. He pulled out his lighter slid it to high flame and clicked it. A thin stream of fire arced at his attackers. The men dropped like flies trying to put out the fire.

Two other labbies ran into the room. He took two beakers off the table and emptied the contents on the ground towards them. They mixed and bubbled causing a green smokescreen.

Out from behind the smoke came black figures, smaller and sleeker than the lab rats. Ninjas? W.R.O.N.G. has ninjas? Agent 08 reached nonchalantly into his chest pocket and pulled out his pen. The ninjas who began to circle him with nunchucks, sai's and other weapons, looked strangely at his choice of weapon.

He pulled the cap and a long, thin, metallic cord emerged. He swung it around and knocked the weapons out of all the ninjas' hands. They rushed him and he choked one with the cable. Hit another in the head, then rounded about and kicked a third. His martial arts abilities were equal to their own.

One after another he knocked each of them out cold. All around him black figures lay motionless. He stepped gingerly about them looking for the chemical he was after. It would not be a large amount but if the Dr. was going to distribute it he'd need a device. Ah yes, there on the far side of the room sealed behind a glass wall, what looked to be a rocket. He approached the room found only a small panel with numbers to open the door.

He removed his shoe, twisted the hidden hinge on the heel and took out the small amount of plastic explosives. He formed the bomb over the lock. He stepped back, pressed a button on his watch and bam: the door opened!

He looked at the rocket. The mechanism appeared complicated. It would take time to deactivate it. Perhaps there was an easier way, such as a computer to program the navigation system? He looked about but no computer was insight. However, next to the rocket in a glass canister were several small vials filled with green liquid: "the essay." He stretched his arms to reach for the glass case.

From above a slow rhythmic clapping echoed. "Well done, Mr. Hall, well done indeed." An elevator slowly lowered a short, bald man with thick glasses and a snake wrapped around his arm. It stopped just one level above. "You can not remove the secret chemical agent 42, secret special Agent 08." Dr. Dunno laughed maniacally. "Any attempts to touch the canister will release the contents."

He heard many footsteps behind him rushing in and guns cocking. He dropped his hands and head. He knew he was defeated.

They beat him a little, just enough to tell him who won. He knew he had a black eye now and wondered if it would attract or scare away the women. Of course at the moment he had more important things on his mind.

He woke strapped to a chair in a small room empty, besides himself. He knew this did not bode well.


Mike looked about helplessly. There was no one around to hear him yell for help. He struggled against the boy who held him but he only gripped tighter.

"I'll tell you what you're going to do." Big Ivan poked him hard in the chest. "You're going to pay me five dollars for each page, or I start ripping them up." He pretended to start to rip one even making the sound with his mouth.

"No!" Mike cried.


"No!" Agent 08 yelled. The pliers clenched his fingernail and tugged slightly. A bright light shone in his face. He wasn't ready to give up any secrets. He simply was stalling for time.

"So, you are ready to give up all your R.I.G.H.T. secrets?" Dr. I. Dunno asked.

"I'll tell you but only after you tell me why you're doing this."

"That was far too easy, Mr. Hall. I seriously doubt you are sincere." He petted his snake as he circled the secret agent. "However, you are going to die in a couple of minutes anyway. I do not really need your secrets. I have an agent already deep within your walls."

The snake hissed in Agent 08's ear. He didn't flinch.

"I think you seriously underestimate me, Dr. Dunno."

"Really? My men have confiscated all your little gadgets, your watch, your pen, your shoe, haha! A spy with one shoe, really Mr. Hall, you can't be serious."

"I already know your plan: shooting the rocket into the atmosphere to distribute the chemical thus destroying all life." Dr. Dunno looked astonished. Even his snake seemed taken aback. "I just don't know why you're doing it."

The doctor relaxed a little, and appeared to decide there was no harm now. "I only plan on holding the world hostage with 'the essay' until they all bend their knees to me."

"And if they don't?"

"Well, I release it, of course." He laughed maniacally.

"And why do you wish to kill all plant life on Earth?"

"I am a carnivore Mr. Hall. Anything that is not is a weaker species will survive. I wish to build a stronger world."

"One which you will rule?"


"You'll never get away with it!"

"Oh but there you are wrong. I already have." He waved a finger at his henchmen. Two of them hit Agent 08 several times.

"I will not give you any information." Agent 08 spat blood towards Dr. Dunno.

"I don't expect you to. My men just really enjoy this," Dr. Dunno said. The biggest of the goons laughed like a little school girl.

"Don't you care about the environment? Removing all plant life and the oxygen will deplete from our atmosphere."

"Pshah, leave that for the green lobbyists to debate. It's survival of the fittest. If you can't live with little oxygen and a hotter climate, live somewhere else. Oh and speaking of which, I do hope you enjoy the heat. You are about to experience a lot of it." He laughed at himself again as he flipped a switch. He walked out of the room followed by his henchmen.


"Launch in 5...4...3...2...1..." One of the henchmen counted down. A loud roar could be heard as the rocket shot out of the underground silo.

"Very good." Dr. Dunno said to the cat lady at his side. "Come with me to my office and we shall celebrate with a steak dinner, and some rats for Precious." He petted his snake on the head and the woman did too.

They didn't have to go far. The Dr. opened the door to his office and was astounded to see someone sitting in his chair.

"What?!" He nearly dropped his snake. "What are you doing here Mr. Hall you should be dead!"

"Yes, and you should be behind bars. However, I will be kind enough to explain. You see, when removing me of my things (which I must thank you for storing them here in your office) your men neglected to take my cufflinks."

"Oh so you had some sort of saw hidden in them? Ridiculous!"

"No, acid. A single drop from each cufflink and the straps you had holding me down disintegrated. I managed to exit the room before the heat did anything to uneven my tan."

"This is not fair!" Dr. Dunno yelled. "You shouldn't be able to escape so easily!" He took a couple of deep breaths. "But no matter. You are too late. I have already launched the missile."

"Yes, well, We'll see who is too late."

Agent 08 stood from his chair and grabbed his gun from the Dr.'s desk that held all his gadgets. "All right, Dr. Dunno. It's all over. Now put up your hands."

Dr. Dunno laughed and put his hands up slightly; a gesture saying he wasn't really giving in. Agent 08 raised his gun and talked to the old lady. "Get out of here."

She shook her head. Then to his amazement pulled at her hair and it came off. Then she ripped the latex from her face revealing the beautiful blonde he'd left in the car.

Dr. Dunno nearly dropped his snake. "But I sent you to spy on them!"

"Don't you know a double agent when you see one." She giggled. "Now, do as he says."

At that moment he threw the snake at Agent 08 and ran for the door. Tangled in the snake Agent 08 was helpless. Mary ran after him. Being 20 years younger and far more fit than he, she caught up to him easily, tackled him to the ground and pinned him. Agent 08 hurried out into the hall.

"Good job. Remind me not to run from you."

"Oh, I don't know. The chase is half the fun." She batted her eyelashes at him.

"Let's go tie him up in his office."

"Oooh... You do know how to please a girl." Agent 08 helped her to lift and hold the Dr. as he struggled with them into the office. They tied him to his chair and Mary took the snake. "Such a poor defenseless creature."

"Yes, and speaking of which," Agent 08 said looking at his watch, "we should leave before we're defenseless."

"The guards?" Mary asked.

"No, something that will cause a bit more of an explosive situation." He tugged at her arm. They ran for the door. She knew her way about the place and led him the quickest route out while still avoiding the guards.

They burst out the front door and ran for the water. As the water lapped at their feet Mary looked around sky and said, "What's that sound?"

"Nothing, just a little present for Dr. I. Dunno." Agent 08 watched a small streak come out of the north and head straight for the house.


"I left a homing device in his office and a seeker on the missile. Now they're about to meet." They both watched hand in hand (Precious wrapped over both as if tying them together) as the missile came crashing down into the house and exploding! The red and orange of the shock wave blast through the house and sent splinters their way. Smoke and fire were all that was left of Dr. Dunno and his operation now.


"Your mom knows you took my homework. She says she wants you home by the time your dad gets there, so he can punish you." Mike said with as much confidence as he could, even though he shook inside.

"You think I care what my mom says? Dad won't do nothing to me. He doesn't care how I get my grades as long as I make the football team."

As he was talking, a flash of blonde hair swooped in, grabbed Mike's paper and kept going. Mike didn't know what was happening but took advantage of his opening slipping down out of the grip of his captor. He stomped on Big Ivan's foot and ran!

It took a lot of effort to catch up to the blonde blur but he did it. Sort of.

"Wait... I ... Can't... Breathe." He huffed and she slowed down. There was no sight of the gang. He stopped completely, hands on knees, trying to catch his breath.

She stood arms crossed hardly winded. He was jealous. "It took a lot of courage for you to stand up to him like that."

"Thanks." Mike blushed. "And thank you for getting my essay back."

"My pleasure. He's a big bully and deserves more than that." She said with a bit of heat. "I told his mother what he was planning. He'll be in big trouble when he gets home." She looked at him with a big smile now. He found he very much liked her smile and he didn't understand why his face felt so hot. She was just a girl after all, even if she was kind of cute.


Agent 08 and Mary ran down the beach hand in hand towards the sunset, the waves kissing their feet. They laughed. He stopped her for a moment long enough to steal a kiss. "Oh, Roman..." She pulled him down to the ground as the water -- eewww... What was he thinking?


"Michael, dinner's ready." His mom called from the kitchen. They had reached his home and were talking quietly on the doorstep.

"Well, I... Um..."

"I better go too." She looked at him sweetly with lowered lids. She smiled, then quick as a flash gave him a peck on the cheek. "Bye!" She said as she ran down his walkway.

He stood there for a few seconds more in shock. "Mike, dinner!"


Mike's mom placed a plate full of broccoli in front of him. He winced. Stupid vegetables. When she turned her back to go into the kitchen he pulled a small vial from his sleeve. He popped the cork and a thick green liquid slimed out. Just one drop was needed. The veggies shriveled and disappeared from his plate. Mike laughed maniacally.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send me any comments you might have, good or bad. Copyrighted 2008 by Christine Schnell. Go ahead and share it with others just keep my name with it.
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