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I Remember Our First Kiss by: Christine Schnell

I remember our first kiss
you were trembling
I was nervous
but when our lips touched
it was bliss

we both were hungry
as you lifted your face to mine
I held you in my arms
it was so divine

our hearts pounded
our hands intertwined
nothing else existed
just our dancing lips

it was like a fairy tale
so soft and so true
a delicious kiss
a warm embrace
I can't help but love you

You changed me in so many ways
I grew bold and daring
I took chances to be near you every day
just to have your kiss sent my heart flaring

My soul became connected to you
and it has not forgot
the touch of your heavenly lips
look into my eyes and tell me you love me not
you can't do it can you?

let me feel the silky caress
of your soft, sweet, pillowy lips
if you don't it is those the most I will miss
touch me, heart mind and soul with your kiss

It was an illicit affair. He: married with children, and she: a friend of the family. Hrithik crossed the Atlantic to make a better life for his family. He loved them very much at least he told her that many times. He couldn't ever leave his family. It was his duty to provide for them for the rest of their lives, even if it wasn't what he wanted. He could never be with her, not really with her and she knew it. It broke her heart every time she thought about him.

Susie watched him leave that first night with a wide grin. She loved him with all her heart and he protested his love to her. They felt it in every glance, ever word, they knew they were made for each other.


She'd sought out her true love for decades and had found none, until she met Hrithik. She'd received an e-mail from him for some business related thing, yet each word struck her. Every atom in her being screamed at her but she didn't understand what they said. She returned his e-mail with a friendly reply and didn't expect much else. To her pleasure he sent another less businesslike reply thanking her for her attention. And so it began.

They didn't meet until months later, though they became friendly over the Internet. She even spoke with his wife once or twice. He sent her pictures of his children and instantly she became part of the family. It was that way once she traveled across the states to meet him on a business trip. They visited her at the hotel and eventually invited her into their home. They even took a trip to Washington to see the capital together. She'd been nervous at first but it didn't take long before she felt right at home.

It didn't matter to any of them that their skin was different shades let alone their nationalities or religion. They were, at heart, the same. It was for this reason that his wife felt safe in letting him spend time alone with her. That first day alone was today; that first kiss created a bond between them. He knew it was wrong and felt guilty; he even told her this. Still, she didn't quite understand. Well... She knew what she was doing was wrong, to have an affair with a married man, it was something she swore she wouldn't do. Yet, somehow she knew he was her other half, her true love. He told her he knew his wife was not his true love, that he dreamt about his true love and Susie is the one that fit the face in the dream. That first kiss made her feel it for sure.

It didn't go further, couldn't she knew, but that didn't stop her from dreaming. As he turned to look back at her while he walked away, she knew it wouldn't stop him either.


She didn't realize until he left that love could physically hurt. She always thought "heartache" was just some phrase made up by romanticists. Yet the separation tore her apart and her heart literally did ache. It didn't matter though, for she could still feel him on her lips. She would endure this small pain and so much more to have him look at her like that again.

Several days later Hrithik returned with the family as they were going out after a while. Susie met his eye and she felt the connection between them so strong. It made the world stand still for several seconds and they were the only two in it. The power of his dark brown eyes made her believe in God and he was there behind those eyes. She would worship him for the rest of her life.

They enjoyed themselves, the whole family as one for quite some time. They talked and laughed and shared their lives. Susie was happy just being there in his presence even if she had to share him. She got along with his wife and that felt great too. The children played and giggled and caused all sorts of trouble in the room; flipping switches and jumping on the beds. Susie played with them as if they were her own. She felt his eyes on her knowing he was imagining her with the child she bore him. She would have his child if she could, he was the only one she'd ever consider it for.

Their time progressed as it tends to do and his wife excused herself to change the younger child's diaper. After she left, so much passed between Hrithik and Susie, yet they did nothing but look at each other. She not only saw but felt the love he had for her. It shook her like an electric jolt. He smiled and her body tingled. She didn't feel a lust for him in that moment. It was something she'd never known and never would feel in another. How could she have lived all her life without feeling this, she had no idea. It was a pure and pious feeling that can not be described and can only be known to those that have found their other half. In that moment she felt as if she and he were one being and they were still half way across the room from each other.

He sped to save a lamp from falling over as his toddler giggled and tugged at the cord. As he walked back to his seat she felt compelled to reach out to him. She didn't want anything other than to touch him briefly. She knew the feelings inside her would increase at his divine touch. She put her hand out towards his waist and slid her hand softly across his stomach. It satisfied her need to no end. She delighted in the holy sensation it caused inside her.

She did not expect what happened next and that made it all the sweeter. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. A soft, fleeting kiss. Then he kept walking the smile upon his face showed a world of wonder. Her entire body tingled, she knew her eyes glowed and heart sped up. This simple touch showed her more than anything his love for her. For it showed he was thinking of her. It told her that he wanted to be with her too and what she meant to him. The way their lips entwined in those few seconds wasn't about lust, heat, or hunger, it was about what was in their hearts, their true connection, their true love. It was the moment she knew she belonged to him and him to her.

In that kiss so much was said and felt, she couldn't ever do it justice. Their first kiss was wonderful, but this is the kiss that would stay with her for her lifetime.

His wife returned and they went on as if nothing happened. It didn't matter, because she knew, would always know, the truth.

She returned home after that, her business finished, with a light heart. While they remained friends, they never spoke of their love again for he could never be hers, at least... Not in this lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send me any comments you might have, good or bad. Copyrighted 2009 by Christine Schnell. Go ahead and share it with others just keep my name with it.
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