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Four Minutes to Love by: Christine Schnell

I looked around and found a clock; only four minutes to go. God I couldn't wait. I'd finally get to meet him. All this time talking online and it all comes down to four minutes. I waited nervously bouncing my leg watching the people walk by looking for a familiar face. The small airport meant I didn't have to worry about waiting for him to find his luggage or go through security before I got to see him. It'd been a tense few months that we've talked online, hours on end.

It all started so innocently. He'd seen some of my art and fell in love with it leaving me generous comments. Comments quickly grew into long e-mails and then long chats, until I finally gave in and bought a web cam, then it was long talks. I couldn't believe I'd fallen in love with a man I'd never met in person. Or that he was actually interested in me beyond my art. No one ever saw beyond my art. I wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world after all.

I glanced up and watched the second hand slip by the three minute mark. God, only three minutes and then I heard the plane. I could tell other people around me were nervous and happy to see their friends and family return; all twelve of us. God, this was such a small town, what would they think when they saw him and me together? Word would get around so quickly.

I clinched my hands trying not to think about it. Trying to only think of his playful laugh and sparkling eyes. He was so handsome too, tall and a little rugged looking. I couldn't believe my luck. Two minutes now and the airline crew were aligning the steps up to the plane. What would I do when I had him in my arms? Faint probably.

They were beginning to move down the stairs now with only a minute to go I stretched my neck to get a first glimpse of him. An old couple exited first then a small family, the children bouncing with joy and my heart beating out of my chest in anticipation. I could feel him close to me. His warmth was already affecting me and my hot breath was clouding the window next to the door as I pressed against it trying to get as close as I could.

Finally, a head above the rest I saw his unmistakable blonde hair and crooked smile. He looked around the small airport taking it all in. Thirty seconds from now he'd walk through the door! The old couple was already through and the family was taking their time making him wait that much longer. I was nearly ready to bust through the glass to get to him.

Zero seconds! He was here! He passed through the door and didn't even have a chance to look around before I sailed into his arms. He laughed sweetly and wrapped his arms around me while trying to get out of other's way. "Well, hello darlen." His deep Texas drawl nearly put me over the edge. I grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the crowd then turned back to him. He held my hands warmly and looked down into my eyes. "It's nice to finally meet you, Cindy." He placed a warm hand on my cheek then leaned down. Our lips met at last! My world exploded as I melted into his arms where I belonged.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send me any comments you might have, good or bad. Copyrighted 2008 by Christine Schnell. Go ahead and share it with others just keep my name with it.
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