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The Light By: Christine Schnell

It wasn't as if the world was coming to an end. I mean, come on, life goes on no matter what happens to any one of us. But what if that wasn't true? What if one person really did make a difference? What could happen to the world then? The life and death situation that that person faced wouldn't mean just the life of one person, but an entire world. Literally having the world rest on your shoulders could be a real heavy responsibility. Hmm can I press another cliche into this paragraph?

The world is full of cliches and metaphors and what not. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched my mother would tell me all the time. I never gave the saying any thought until I actually had been in a chicken coup and saw that not all the eggs did hatch baby chicks. Well there's one egg in particular that did indeed hatch. It hatched something wondrous and grand, so much so that it hurt to look upon it. This was no God, no divine force, it was just a splendid looking being. Neither human (nor chicken) nor any other type of being ever seen before. It was beautiful beyond belief.

I can hardly now describe to you what this being looked like because if I did you would think me not only insane but a liar as well. For what you would see once you look upon this wondrous creature would be your own definition of beautiful, something which could be completely different from my own. For no two people could look upon this hatchling and see the same thing. Beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder.

The world as I was saying was in the hands of this tiny baby, but no one knew it, not even the child. It was indeed hatched from an egg out in the middle of no where and so it had no one to teach it, to tell it of its gift. To hold it and nourish it. No one and nothing to love it. It was alone.

That is not to say that it couldn't survive. It could for it held something more than the world. Worldly knowledge was also another gift it possessed. It didn't know that the knowledge it had was everything that this world could hold, for that was just a spec in its brain, for there was so much more inside of it that could never be explained. It sat without a care by a small pool of water. It drank and feed off of nearby berries and lavished in the warmth of the planet around it.

It grew slowly at first, gathering in the warmth and the little light around it like a plant. The water seeped through its body and filled its heart with joy. The berries gave color it its eyes, for it did have eyes, so blue they looked deeper than the ocean at its deepest. Its eyes were its only humanly feature that it possessed. For the eyes are the window to its soul. That is why every being has eyes, so that another being could look upon it and if it tried hard enough could see what was truly inside the other being. This one, not having any one else to look upon looked at its reflection in the pond. It was not scared by its own beauty. No, it could never overwhelm itself, for to itself it looked ordinary. There was nothing special about its appearance. Nothing was different in it from any other thing it had seen. Of course it had seen no other beings to truly compare its beauty with, and so delusioned it looked upon itself. Its eyes were deeper than any beings anywhere in the galaxy, and there was much behind them. If a person were to look hard enough trying to see this creatures soul, they would never find it, they would become so enamored they'd become lost in the glory behind the shell that is this being.

I exaggerate not. For I once looked upon them and went for so long that I nearly starved to death. If it were not for this creature realizing what had happened and helping me to find myself, I would have died. Ah but I have digressed. Let us return to the creature sitting before the pond.

As I mentioned it had never looked upon another being and so became very interested in its own reflection. While any other being would see its beauty it could not nor did it wish to, which by the way was the only reason everyone else saw it as a beautiful thing. It showed them what they wished to see.

Life and this world is so full of evil, this it did know, that it could not stand having anything around it be evil, and thus in its presence everything was peaceful and beautiful. This is the power one has when it holds the world at its fingertips. Luckily this little being knew how fragile the world was and how fragile itself was, so being beautiful was a very good defense.

Or was it? It was sitting there minding its own business, playing with the puddle making its own reflection ripple and twisted, in a good way of course, when the first creature that it was to encounter approached it from behind. This grizzly bear saw the light from its birth and was attracted to it. Perhaps it would be something for it to eat? Nonetheless the bear approached and as soon as the bear was close enough to look upon it, it saw its beauty and immediately fell in love. The bear had no idea that this being was not one of its kind, nor did it want to mate with it. The bear simply wanted to bask in it's glory and be with it for all time. To hug and to hold and call it... Well never mind. So this bear, so enamored on this new being crept forward without gathering the being's attention. Slowly it crept forward and moved paw by paw forward until it was right behind it. The bear didn't even breath, it was so awed by this little one. So amazed by what it was seeing in fact that the bear had to taste it to believe it. One big lick slimed the poor creatures back and lifted it off of it's knoll and it landed in the water, well at least it was cleaned of the slobber. The creature not knowing what to think of this disturbance squealed and splashed about hoping to scare off this large intruder. The bear however thought it's squeal more like a cute squeak and thought it's splashing was an invitation to play with it. So the bear did what was natural to it and swiped at the water drenching the poor little creature even more.

Oh this was so fun for the bear. What a joy to see the little lovely thing splash about having fun. Well why not join it? Of course the pond wasn't really big enough for the both of them. Actually it wasn't big enough for the bear, but that didn't stop it. Oh no, it pranced all the way into the water splashing about even more. And the little one? Well it ran for it's little life. The bear didn't see it run however, for it was having too much fun splashing about.

Indeed, how was one to find it's place in life with the howling of a bear disturbing it's thoughts? The hatchling roamed about the grassy land for a time encountering many strange and wondrous creatures there. Each giving it a very similar response. Love me, hug me, hold me. That was all they wanted. Not one asked what the poor little creature wanted in return, they just assumed the creature wanted to please them. Was that what it wanted? It didn't even know itself. It knew what made the world tick but didn't know it's own mind. What a complex little life it had and was only born an hour before hand. Then again didn't we all go through this in the first hours after our birth? We just didn't know it.

So now it walked with a trail of five or six creatures, all different, walking single file behind it. Each took turns being the one to walk directly behind it, so that each could bask equally in it's beauty. Along the way the little creature would eat and grow, and so now it wasn't quite so little anymore. It was in fact quite big now, not quite as big as the bear, who by the way had seen the trail of creatures and caught up with them so that it could continue looking at its new found friend. The bear knew its place though and knew the other animals were fragile and so it walked a good pace behind them.

They walked for miles and the line behind the creature grew so that now its following was nearly a mile long and it now was bigger than the bear. This scared none of the animals off though, for they knew a thing with such beauty as this could never hurt them. The being however wasn't sure. It was afraid for all its little entourage. They had no idea why they were following this beautiful thing, where it would lead them, or what it would do. They were all blinded by its beauty and literally dumbstruck by it. It could think of no reason for them to be enamored by it, for it still thought of itself as ordinary. Yet they followed. It shrugged, figuratively speaking, and moved on. It had no control over these beings, or so it thought, and they could do as they willed. If they willed to walk behind it for no reason, well that was their wish.

As it went it ate and drank. As it fed it grew larger and larger still. Hundreds, no thousands of creatures, large and small, human and non, saw its beauty, saw its light, for it did outpour light from the very core of its being. It was truth and peace and love all wrapped up, and this is the light and life that all those were attracted to. All wanted it, but no one could come close to having it for their own.

The creature, knew now that this is what it was about, for as it grew it became more aware of its own knowledge. It knew everything and so it could not learn anything, it just could become more aware and in that way it would learn. It "learned" that all creatures large and small would follow it, all would want to have a piece of it for their own. It was everything they had ever wished for and more.

Yet with all its knowledge there was one thing it didn't know. Why with all its infinite power, infinite beauty, infinite infiniteness, could it not see this light for itself? Why could it not feel its own love? Why could it not know and see what these others all around it saw?

It fed and it grew and it moved on, not knowing what its own secret was. It lived and it walked, it occasionally looked behind itself and sure enough they were still there and growing in number. It didn't take long before the singing began. It was quite at first, starting with the smallest creatures and soon boomed among all to the howling of the wolves to the loudest crys of the birds . The creature knew they did this to get its attention. They wanted it to turn so they could catch the smallest glimpse of its glory. It would not, for it didn't want to disappoint them. It was an ordinary thing and if they were to truly look upon it they would see that, or so it thought.

There came a time when our friend had gorged itself so full that it was larger than the largest living thing on the planet. Larger still than anything on the planet. So much so that its beauty could be seen by creatures hundreds of miles aware, but it had grown so bright and so lovely that it hurt one's eyes to look upon it. This saddened the creature and its following, for they could no longer have each other. The poor creature felt so empty now.

This was the moment of realization. The moment to exceed all moments, the time that which the creature finally realized its purpose. For it had never truly been happy. It wanted to be but it couldn't for it didn't know how with all its beauty it could find one so equal as itself to make it happy. It realized now that it bit off an entire tree top that it is not its beauty that these things wanted to bask in.

With the second bite of the tree the creature grew so large that it was too large for the planet to hold and it began to float up and away from the world and all of its little friends. It waved good-bye and the small beings waved back singing an enchanting song. As it floated higher and higher it began to sing as well and their song together echoed throughout the cosmos ringing out on all other worlds in all other galaxies. This filled the creature with such happiness and such love that it glowed brighter than it ever had before and it kept growing and kit kept glowing until it became so huge that it burst.

Now this is not a bad thing, for this is what it learnt it had to do to truly be happy. For on that world where all the animals had followed it and all other worlds bits and pieces of the light fell in orbs. Each of these orbs rained down onto each of the creatures and was absorbed by them and created a wondrous thing inside of each of each of these beings, from the smallest ant to the largest whale. Each received a piece of the lovely creature, to hold in its heart and love always. The singing never stopped, it grew quiet but it went on in that little piece each of us was given, if you sit quietly and are patient you will hear it. That is the gift it had given us, which gave it so much joy to share. It is the love and beauty and joy in each of our hearts.

And the creature you ask? Oh it is still alive and you can see it everyday. It is hard to look right at it, for its light and beauty may blind you, but it is there up in the sky for all to see and share. We not only bask in it, but it basks in our beauty as well. Oh it is saddened by all the cruel things that go on, but it knows, for it knows everything, that a piece of it lies in each of us. That each of us can feel it and will know how to do the right thing in the end.

It does not disappear at night, it just goes elsewhere where others can see it better and enjoy its beauty. So look deep inside yourself and see the beauty that it brings, than look to the sky in the middle of the day and thank that nameless creature for giving you the light and life to live with love in your heart.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send me any comments you might have, good or bad. Copyrighted 1999 by Christine Schnell. Go ahead and share it with others just keep my name with it.

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