Your browser does not support script Lilly's Picnic by: Christine Schnell

Lilly's Picnic by: Christine Schnell

Mommy and daddy put a pretty red blanket on the ground near a pond. Lilly played with the blanket as it fell near her. She watched daddy unpack the basket. He had round plates and square napkins. Then Lilly saw a frog near the water.

The big frog croaked loudly as little Lilly crawled closer. She reached a little finger towards him and he jumped off his pad hiding in the weeds. She giggled happily as if this new animal was the silliest thing in the world.

Daddy pounced after the frog splashing mud everywhere! Oh no, Lilly, look out! Lilly got very dirty, but mommy helped clean her up. Daddy brought the frog over and she clapped with joy!

Mr. Cat came over to sniff the frog. Wow! The frog jumped high out of daddy's hands. Look at Mr. Cat chase the frog. Mr. Cat was very fast, and he almost caught the frog. Quick, frog quick, jump onto your pad! Bounce from pad to pad.

Ah, poor Mr. Cat fell in the water, and now he was all wet. Silly Mr. Cat's wet fur made him look very skinny. Mr. Cat shook himself very hard getting water all over daddy. Now daddy was all wet. Mommy and Lilly laughed very hard at him.

Fluffy, the dog, also thought Mr. Cat looked funny still wet but now fluffy too. Mr. Cat didn't like Fluffy laughing at him and hissed. Fluffy barked and pranced while Mr. Cat licked his paws. Fluffy barked loud scaring Mr. Cat! Mr. Cat ran and Fluffy chased him. Round and round a tree, run fast Mr. Cat!

Daddy took the potato salad out of the basket. When he stood, Mr. Cat ran fast under his legs. Uh oh! Here comes Fluffy! Hold on daddy! Mommy reached for the salad, but too late. Fluffy bounced off daddy's legs and the salad fell out of his hands. Ewww... Now the salad spilled all over the blanket. Mr. Cat and Fluffy were very happy! They love potato salad.

Fluffy and Mr. Cat ate the spilled potato salad. The frog wanted some too and jumped in front of Mr. Cat. Mr. Cat chased him and Fluffy followed. Round and round the pond they went. Lilly laughed and crawled fast trying to catch the frog. Daddy picked Lilly up and set her with mommy.

Mommy gave Lilly a piece of banana. She ate the soft fruit happily. Mommy had and apple and daddy had some grapes. They watched the animals play by the pond. The happy family enjoyed their picnic together.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send me any comments you might have, good or bad. Copyrighted 2009 by Christine Schnell. Go ahead and share it with others just keep my name with it.
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