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Am I Cute or What? Eyes are the Window to the Soul Circle of Friends Christmas Eve 2025 Evil Does as Evil Will
An Ode to Mom's Feed Me Empty The Christmas Burglar The Gift that Keeps on Giving
To DADA First Kiss I Once Knew... I Don't Need to See Your Face to Know that I Love You Divinity
I'd Change the World The Long Dark Road New Landing Hunger Pains
Moments Pain The Tale Pups
Mood Swing Sad Sonnet Wonders of the Night Remember...
Silence Train Wreck

Am I Cute Or What?
By Christine Schnell
Little boy, so innocent so sweet.
Your eyes are like the blue waters of the sea
Water that reflects all the love you have like the sun
And though you're still ever so young
The happiness they show spans a lifetime.

Little boy, so playful so full of mischief.
Your hands are like branches of a tree
Always grabbing for the wind able to bring  music from it with the rustling.
Ever creating, ever building
Gently grasping my hand leading the way.

Little boy, so bright so smart
Your tiny mouth so full of teeth that never bite indiscriminately
It is your envoy for what is on your mind
Some words not so sweet, but never false in their meaning
Some words stronger, the ones you first learned, more loving still.

Little boy, so wonderful, so cute
Your heart is bigger than any will know
It holds all those things you keep dear
Mother, Father, friends and family
It is good to see that there is still room for me
your little sibling to be.


An Ode to Mom's
By Christine Schnell

The little cafe along the road.
The sign was big the only cafe in town
The best in all Utah they all proclaimed
How could I turn it down?

Rustic and homey the atmosphere was
Mom sat at her desk presiding over it all
The waitress' smiled and took our order
I felt warm and cozy and my mind started to wander

It's like home, she said.
It's not like mine, I thought
A plate appeared before me
It's better.
It's Mom's.

She asked if we wanted more.
Of course she would, she's Mom.
A full belly and a warm heart
What more could one ask for?
Oh yeah...


The Christmas Burglar
By Christine Schnell

He snuck out of the house, no one would know.
The large cookie hung in his mouth like a wide grin as he gazed at the house covered in snow.
Tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, he would get the biggest present of them all.

No one noticed his silent rampage through the area here.
He’d watched and waited as one family then another packed their SUV’s full of presents and snow gear.
Quickly half the neighborhood was vacated for the winter holiday or the mall.

Using all the latest gadgets he’d stolen in Christmas’ past,
he bypassed all the bells and lights that would go off in each house fast.
For the dogs he wrapped steaks in bows, tis the season after all, and so they fed
With a flick of the wrist and a twist of his head in and out each door he fled.

Not a word did he utter but went straight to his work
filling his bag with jewelry then turned with a jerk.
The big screen TV made his eyes twinkle merrily,
and with a little trouble he heaved it into the snow.

One house after another he emptied out until just the one was left; the biggest prize of them all.
He snuck in after dark that Christmas Eve, climbed on the roof and went in the attic window careful not to fall.
He felt a little like Santa Claus.

He moved quietly and used his computer to fool the alarm system.
It gave the green light and he moved on into the house picking up items.
What a delight! He imagined applause.

He found the master bedroom, what a treasure trove!
Electronics galore and diamonds a plenty,
all dumped quickly into his sack he had ready.
An Armani tie, he took too for tomorrow he had to look good for the in-laws.

He made his way from room to room not forgetting a thing.
From his wishlist he found everything.
"Gary? Did you bring the ice? Is that you?"
A woman’s voice came from the last room.

He felt two things in that moment, excitement and fear.
Someone was here!
He needed to get out. Yet the voice was sultry.
He licked his lips and let the brain below his belt win the argument to go or stay.

She’d gone to the doorway in her nightgown, the sweet elf.
Only she became shocked to see this strange man standing right in front of her.
"You’re not supposed to be here. Why are you here?" he said more to himself.
"We’re house sitting" she muttered. The loveliest thing he’d seen all year.

He moved closer to her and she backed up until she hit a wall.
"Don’t! Gary help!" but no answer came at all.
He took hold of her and threw her on the bed.
She tried to crawl away, he jammed his knee into her instead.

Still she scratched and yelled at him to let her flea.
"Settle down or this will become more painful than it needs to be."
He whipped out his knife and held it near her throat.
She quieted for a moment. He felt he could gloat.

He used the knife to cut away the thin straps in a flash
and pulled her nightgown down revealing her soft flesh.
He grabbed her breast and she took that moment try to bat the knife out of his hand.
It didn’t work and only enraged him. He sliced her and gave her a command.

"Now be a good girl!" She wasn’t quieting however, the searing pain made her weep
and she scratched his face again giving him two bloody cheeks.
"Stop!" He pounded the knife into her. Blood spurted across his chest.
After he stabbed her six more times she was as quiet as a mousy pest.

"Stop! Stop!" He kept yelling and stabbing not realizing she wasn’t moving anymore.
Hands gripped at him and he went into a mad fit swatting at the air as he was pulled off the woman’s body. This was war!

"What the hell have you done to her?" This must be Gary.
Gary crushed his hand holding the knife then started hitting him like a wussy.
He’d had enough of this guy and started throwing chairs.
They fought and rolled down the stairs
together until Gary tossed him into the fireplace where his head was hit hard.

Gary kicked him through the door and into the thick snow.
Taking the shovel near the door Gary started beating until he bloodied the yard.
And there he lay when the cops came and one laughed, "Look, Santa Claus."
Certainly, the burglar’s clothes were covered in red, ashes and soot his beard white with snow.


Christmas Eve 2025
By Christine Schnell
The children have grown and so have I
My suit has gone from brown to red to green
And has started all over again
Without catching one person's eye

Candles have given way to electric lights, to plasma bursts
Real trees, to plastic, to space age polymers
Their scents replaced by sprits of liquid in the air
How can one live with such flair?

I sat in my old sled watching as flying cars wizzed by
Amazing they don't even notice me
Or even slow down to say hi
I used to fill their hearts with such glee

Faster and faster life goes
Faster and faster children grow
No more singing, no more bells
No more of those wonderful smells

Oh the families still gather
To sit around and gab
They share their presents
Yet it's all the same, so drab!

No this world is not the same
As the one I used to love
Sometimes I wish for help from above
Yet my prayers go unanswered

Still I do my duty every Christmas eve
I board my old sled filled with toys
And through the bustling cars we weave
I had a mission to visit every girl and boy

I came to a house
In the middle of the night
The place wasn't as quiet as a mouse
There was screaming and yelling and a really big fight.

Normally I wouldn't enter
I wouldn't even come near
But this child had been good
All throughout the year

Using my powers I have been granted
I snuck in past the security cameras
Under the door and over the beam
I made my way without being seen

The arguing went on, louder and louder
The distraction made me flounder
I tripped on a rug and made a loud crash
I soon had the attention of all in a flash

"Intruder!" Hollered the father
"Thief!" Shrieked the mother
Upon seeing my sack of goodies
Clearly she could see they were only teddy's

"It's only Santa."  A little voice said behind me
The man's brow furrowed red,
"What are you doing up?  Go back to bed!"
But she stood fast and adorable as only a child could be

I turned to her to the astonishment of her parents
And handed her the toy that she had always wanted
There was a gleam in her eye, and I heard her mother sniff.
"That's the nicest thing she could get as a gift."

She looked up to me and smiled,
"Thank you Santa." A tear filled my eye.
Whether it be 1825, 2025, or 5025
Those words will always make me blithe

So never fear
No matter what happens
No matter what changes
I will be there throughout the years
To wish you a Merry Christmas!


Circle of Friends
By Christine Schnell

You and she talk and giggle
He comes along and now you're in the middle
Another too, joins the fun
I watch from afar afraid to approach
Dinner time's coming, they're ready to run
Suddenly the subject of me you tentatively broach
"Come on let's go, we're late," they say without thinking
Suddenly alone I feel like I'm sinking

I live as an outcast
Forgotten and alone
I'm not allowed with you to have a blast
The reason I don't fit in is unknown
With each laugh they make
And each smile they fake
It all makes my skin crawl
Now look what I have done
Friendly I was, but spiteful I have become.
I hate them all

You come to me with apologies on your lips
You try to include me by telling me their funny stories
Then you make excuses for those drips
It's not me you say, but I know it is.
It's no fault of his
I am no longer favored
You've found someone new
And have become lost in all their glories
So enjoy your friends, and new experiences savored
I have been here before I've seen this view

I'll walk away quietly
You'll forget I was here
Only a slight echo in your life
It'll be easy for you, no strife
Don't worry about me, it's all so clear
I'll find others that won't ignore me so completely

Your friends are waiting,
Why don't you go with your wolf pack
As I turn to go you take my hand
On them you turn your back
and with me form a new band.
Their words were harsh enough to make us bleed
You tell me not to worry and ignore their baiting.
Now my circle of friends is small indeed
But who needs more than a few
When your friends are good and true.


By Christine Schnell

Oh how I love you
How tasty sweet you are
Let me lick you all up
And dissolve you complete

I shall take your beater in my hand
And first gently run my fingers over
Then my tongue shall caress the rest
Before my mouth wraps itself in joy

Around your rod I will suckle
Swallowing all your slick juices
You are the sweetmeat of my dreams
And my whole existence

Oh what sugary goodness you give
You live to please me
As I take you in again
You become like putty in my hands

My lips fondle you
Your kiss is sacred
With your explosion of taste
You send me to heaven

I am but five and still
You do not satisfy
I must have more
Please give me it all

Oh, but it’s all gone and you are wasted
But wait, mom hands me an empty bowl
I take my finger and wrap it around the edge
You stick to it like glue and I lick you up

Oh how divine! How wonderful you are
The candy of the gods, sweet Divinity!



Author Notes: At this time of year my mom pulls out her Divinity recipe and ever since I was a little kid I helped by licking the beaters clean of the sugary substance. I now help in the preparation as well. If you don’t know what Divinity is, you’ll never know heaven until you try it.

If you read anything more into it, you have only your filthy mind to blame.

Merry Christmas!


By Christine Schnell

I am just a robot
Moving through life
Typing without thought
Mechanical and logical
Living without heart
Every day passes me by
And life goes on

Why am I still alive
Living without thought
Why do I go on
Without any reason
Why does it not end
If I can not feel

My life is empty
My mind is empty
My heart is empty
So what is the point
Why am I still here?

If I must live
Why can't I be happy?
If I can't die
Why do all the good things
Last only a short while
And the emptiness return?

I can not escape it
It's futile to try
The world is oppressive
And I am just a small part
Insignificant to all
I am just here
For death


Evil Does as Evil Will
By Christine Schnell
Monsters of every kind
coming together to rejoice
in the evil they will find
that comes not from their minds

Humans, lions, tigers, witches and warlocks
good beware when you hear them knock
each with their own abilities
will bring darkness from the light

A parade that would frighten any heart
singing and dancing their dangerous songs
only one thing is clear
Disney must be here.


Eyes are the Window to the Soul
By Christine Schnell

Those big dark eyes
Staring down at me
Lost in the dark of night
A twinkle like a bright star
Forever floating
Always like a dream
My heart stops and
I become yours

Look into me.
Deep into my heart
Deep into my soul
It is yours for the taking
It has always belonged to you

Without a thought
Without a breath
I'm not complete
Without your eyes
Searching my soul

Look at me
Look into me
With those eyes
That will make us one
Lost in your life
I will become
Lost in your soul I've always been
Bring me home
With those intense eyes
Never let me go.


Feed Me
By Christine Schnell

Would you cook for me
no food will do
I want the spice from your life
and your hotness too
fill me up with your desire
your a master chef to me

The wine you serve
is only the best
for it comes from your heart
and is far more than I deserve

Your words are always so sweet
they're like a favorite desert
I can't stand to be away from you
I grow hungrier with every word
be near me and give me a treat

Please feed me your love
I will have seconds and thirds
then beg for more
I will starve without you
it is something I can not dream of

Once I am full there's only one thing to do
I will give all my love to you


First Kiss
By Christine Schnell

I remember our first kiss
you were trembling
I was nervous
but when our lips touched
it was bliss

we both were hungry
as you lifted your face to mine
I held you in my arms
it was so divine

our hearts pounded
our hands intertwined
nothing else existed
just our dancing lips

it was like a fairy tale
so soft and so true
a delicious kiss
a warm embrace
I can't help but love you


The Gift that Keeps on Giving 
By Christine Schnell
What a world it is
How beautiful, how lively
The blue sky, and colorful leaves
Add to the joy of this eve

As happiness spreads, so does love
People take notice and pass it along
We take it and wear it as a glove
One that keeps us warm all winter long

Laughter and singing fills our hearts
Presents and trees brighten our eyes
Children can't wait for Christmas to start
So early to bed, early to rise!

The smell of baking cookies
And the turkey on the table
Family, presents and other goodies
Make this moment memorable

As this time of year brings us together
Lets not forget our fellow brother
As time of giving is about to start
Give more than gifts, give your heart.


 Hunger Pains
By Christine Schnell

I watch you from afar
I know I must have you
I lick my lips as you saunter to your car
I will have you tonight, it is true

Your long neck calls to me
Your lush lips; oh how I will savor
Let me swim in your dark eyes as deep as the sea
You will be mine; on this I will not waiver

The smell of you like my favorite flower
The thought of your taste on my tongue
Drives me wild in this dark hour
You are my innocent angel, beautiful and young

One look into your deep, black eyes and I have seduced you
Ah yes, you will be my prize as my low, soft voice lures you in.
I breathe you in, something stirs deep inside, and every piece of me wants you,
I feel the goose bumps rising when I run my fingers over your silky skin

I grab your arms, digging my nails in, and hold you back against the wall
Only there is no need; you want this as much as I do.
You lift your head to me and purse those supple lips like a doll
The world is bright and wonderful, but oh I ache to have you

Your thin arms wrap around me as I lull you into loving me
I long for my teeth to be pressed against your delicate skin
In a quick move they are, and I drink you in like evening tea
Your blood on my tongue, you taste so good you must be a sin

Your soft moans in my ear tell me that you are mine
I am full of need for you and to feel your love
I wish to share with you my gift divine
Every sigh brings me closer to heaven above

Now say you will be mine forever
Why is it you look away?
Please do not see the monster inside ever
Just look at me as I make love to you today

And yet as I lay you on the ground
You push me away and yell for help
Do not force me, do not make a sound
I can not take your rejection, little whelp!

You swoon now at my touch
And I fear this is far too much
Now I know this love will never be
So with my kiss I will set you free.


 I Don't Need to See Your Face to Know That I Love You
By Christine Schnell

An old woman looked to the sky
She held her breath and waited to die
So many years without the man of her dreams
Sad and lonely she only had her memories, it seems

Yet those memories were like yesterday
So fresh and real she could smell the hay
Now the sun was like his smile
Warming her face all the while

Her heart knew he was near
She could hear his sweet words in her ear
"I will always love you until the end of time."
She said back, "You will always be mine."

And so they were from dawn till dusk
Happy and savoring the night like a protective husk
Until the day his heart beat no more
Even after she could still hear him snore

Every day he sat by her side
Her sweet angel watching her like a new bride
He made her heart feel warm and fuzzy
No one else could make her so tipsy

She closed her eyes for the last time
Then she heard that golden chime
When she opened them she saw him there
Holding his arms to her with a welcome air

She'd felt him inside her for so long
She'd forgotten his arms were so strong
He squeezed her and kissed her deep
And for all his love she could only weep

"To be with you again has been my only desire."
"But, my love," he replied, "I haven't left, have you felt my fire?"
She had, she knew, and merged with him
Their love combined created a new hymn

The angels sang as a new star was born
And apart from their love, they could not be torn
Now when you see that star up in the sky
Remember this tale, and that my love for you shall never die.


 I Once Knew...
By Christine Schnell

I once knew mankind many years ago
they were not unkind and judgmental
there was no war and love abounded
Now the truth shows through, my heart grows black
who could lose something so fundimental?

I once knew a place many years ago
That was green and hilly, where wild flowers grow
animals prospered and love abounded
Now it has burnt to dust, my road is blocked
where in this wide world can I go?

I once knew joy many years ago
friends and family gathered, no one disputed
it was like paradise and love abounded
Now my life is empty, no laughter is heard
how could a world be so polluted?

I once knew ideas many years ago
there was no limit to creation, nothing stopping the flow
knowledge was everything and love abounded
Now my creativity is gone, I have failed to make the grade.
why should we allow such woe?

I once knew a time a many years ago
when work was fun, when life was a joy
peace was close and love abounded
Now the future is dark, my way uncertain
when will God drop down the curtain?


I'd Change the World
By Christine Schnell

If you will listen and be big of heart
I will tell you what I wish to do
You are the center of all life
You are a star beyond my reach

You have the power to tear me apart
Yet I can't help but be wooed by you
I would put myself through much strife
There is no law I would not breach
I wish I could change the world for you

I would shapeshift into a pleasing guise
Like building blocks I'd rebuild myself.
Removing a piece here and adding one there
I would make myself your ideal

I would tolerate any lies
I would travel to Hell itself
There the fire I would bear
And with the devil I would make a deal
To change the world for you

I would change my subconscious thoughts
If it's mind games you like
I'll learn to play and give you a challenge
Of course I'd let you win
Because that's what you would want.

I would learn everything that pleases you or not
I'd learn to like them too and never go on strike
I'd only do what pleases you as I know you would in exchange
After all you are pure within
Because you are chivalrous, loyal and gallant.
This is why I'd change the world for you

I would change the sky and make the stars anew
What you might ask would not seems strange
Alas I can't. I'm not a god. Some things I can not do.
I need not worry, you will come to my aid.

I know you would never ask it of me, and nor I of you
anything about myself I might change
Is small in comparison to do
And still it would seem the world has been remade
All because I know my love for you is repaid.


 The Long Dark Road
By Christine Schnell

It's filled with hills
the kind you have to force all
energy from your body into your legs
just to get you half way up
Just when you think you can go no further
you find yourself falling down the other side

It winds for no apparent reason
taking you this way and that
forcing you to walk further than
you really needed, to get to the next point
but you don't realize it until you look behind you.

There's constantly branches and bushes you
tripping up your every step
The trees snatching at the fibers you wear
holding you back until you rip yourself free from their grasp

There's creatures watching with discriminating eyes
real and imagined, some dangerous, some not.
All waiting for you to make a mistake.
One wrong turn into their layer spells disaster

The darkness around you creeps into your soul
it fills your heart with dread and fear
in response you turn cold and hard
outside hiding the truth from all who look on.

You're alone, there is no one to comfort you
no one to tell you everything will be all right.
the light will not be held before you to lead the way
nor will any signs help you along this path
no one can understand what you're going through.

Escape doesn't seem possible
when the road's edge is not visible.
It goes on forever into the night
With every step forward two are taken back

You have fought your way this far and are tired of the struggle
you force yourself to go on, believing that struggle was not in vain
Knowing over that next obstacle is just another one
yet after one of those monsters, through the woods, around the bend or
over a hill will be the light you have been searching for.

You have to gather the strength so you can make your way
the darkness will not win, you can not let it slow you down
for you know hope will not fail you, eventually you will find it
it's only a matter of time.  It could take days, it could take years.

The real problem is, when you get to the end of the road
How will you know it's not an illusion?
A mirage created by your mind to tempt and torment you.
How will you know the darkness will not encompass that light and snuff it out?

You doubt yourself, alone in this place and the world so large
can you make it to the end?  will you turn back in fear?
what will it take to motivate you to reach your goal?
when will the pain stop?  When will the end come?
You may not know the answers but you do know one thing;

No matter what hardships there is to go through
it doesn't matter how long it takes
You know the rewards there will far exceed the difficulties you've gone through.
You must, You can, and You will make it to the end


By Christine Schnell

I don't know what it is about you
From the moment I first saw you --
No before that
From the moment I first read your words --
No before that
From a lifetime ago when we first met
And perhaps even before that
I fell in love with you

When I look at you I can't tell you how beautiful you are
You won't hear it.
Also there is nothing a wordsmith such as myself
Can use to describe how attractive you are
From the way your hair falls across your soft cheek
To the voluptuousness of your lips
You're very being entices me

It's not just your physical nature that attracts me
Your laugh takes me to a place beyond all years
The glowing of your heart
The warm fuzzy feeling I get when I think of you
The passion you show keeps me coming back
Even your love, far stronger than mine,
Makes me fall in love with you more.

What amazes me most about you are your eyes
I won't say your eyes are like diamonds
They're far too bright
They're magical and transform my heart
They see into my soul
And through them, I into yours.
The moment your eyes fall upon me
I'm mesmerized
Taken to another level of existence
I can't think, I can't act, I can't breathe
There is only you in that eternity
They've captured me and I can't escape you.

This world is not enough to contain my love for you
One life time is not enough for me to express all my feelings
One day with you is not enough to show you how much I care
One hour won't be sufficient to hold you in my arms
One instant is all it takes to say those words that can only express a portion of this.
I love you.


Mood Swing
By Christine Schnell

I find you more gorgeous each time I look at you
I see something new each time
There is a peace about you now
Yesterday a longing look in your eye tells me you're mine.
And another time a nervousness darkens your hue
Each of these make yourself so real, so true

You are luscious as cream
Just looking at you makes me hot
Just thinking of you gives me shivers
Just talking to you energizes me a lot
I cant believe someone as beautiful as you loves me
I keep thinking I will wake up one day and this be a dream

Each time I see you we are more connected
the lines between us are drawn tight
pulling us across a distance
bringing me into the light
my fears have been confronted
because of you my whole life has been affected

What do you see in me?
Do you see the way I look at you?
Do you know what I am thinking?
Do you know that my love is true?
Stop and listen to my plea
Please, oh please, never leave me.

We both want the best for each other
we both think the same way
whatever pleases you dear
is what pleases me every day
sometimes you wonder why you even bother
it's because I will love you forever


New Landing
By Christine Schnell
The world was dark
so far from the sun
the land was hard
touch down was rough
The air is thin
as I took in the alien sky
three moons and mountains high
below my feet unforgiving rock

Two meters from here
a darker world  still
a hole so deep and cleanly cut
natural it could not be

Peering deep inside
my lantern would not help
nor no pebble tossed in
no sound could be heard

Leaning further I could hear a moan
a flash of light I did not make
slime spurt in my face
it was the last thing I would see 


By Christine Schnell

I asked god, long ago
To take away your pain
Nothing is free he said
And I did not hesitate
Your pain I would gladly take

Every day I renew my vow
If I can help to make you hurt less
I will tolerate any pain
God would give me
Physical, mental, every kind
Nothing is too much

My love can bear it all
Without remorse
without regret
let me take your pain away

My love I can take
all the pain in the world
all except one thing
to see you in pain
is the worst torture there is
please let me ease your pain

I will do anything to
take away your sadness
I will take on all your pain
give it all to me
just so I can see you smile


By Christine Schnell
If I were to give up my heart
I of course couldn't live
It is something of which I could not part
So why, oh why, should I?

Some would ask to remove a limb
I balk at the thought
And ask if they would on a whim
Not that easy is it?

Would you do it for money?
There is not enough in the world
What a silly question.
I'm not that kind of girl

What would it take
To convince you
I can't, I won't, I don't
Do these things

So how could one ask
Me to do something like this
It is such a hard task
To give up something so close

My dogs are my heaven
They are my pals
With them my heart is leaven
So sweet they are to me

They would give their life for me
I would do the same for them
They make my life full of glee
I will not give them up

So do not ask
Do not imply
Simply accept
And I won't die.


By Christine Schnell
Remember what it was like to play?
Remember how we used to laugh?
Remember there was no black and white?
I haven't forgotten.

Remember the stars at night?
Remember the animals in the clouds?
Remember the stories we'd make up?
It was so long ago.

Remember the towering slide?
Remember leaving for the first day of school?
Remember the friendship we had?
It's always been with me.

Remember kick ball?
Remember being bullied?
Remember bullying right back?
That wasn't right.

Remember changing schools?
Remember the long bus ride?
Remember dissecting frogs?
Junior high went by so fast.

Remember growing serious?
Remember the first time behind the wheel?
Remember that first job?
Why did we let ourselves grow up?

Remember a big fight?
Remember silence?
Remember loosing friends?
Graduation was so hard.

Remember collage?
Remember all those books?
Remember going out into the world on your own?
Is this really a dream?

Remember yesterday?
Remember what you need to do tomorrow?
Remember to slowdown.
Life's too short to take for granted.

Remember the good times.
Remember the bad times.
Remember the mistakes and successes.
Learn from them.

Remember to look behind you.
Remember what you've left back there.
Remember to take it with you.
Or you'll loose it forever.


Sad Sonnet
By Christine Schnell

It's useless to love you
I've known this from the start
I am not one who can disapprove
Nor can I stand for us to be apart
I look up to you like a little pup
But we're so different I feel like to hide behind a veil
When my heart is down, yours is up
When you are sad, I try to cheer you and fail
Sometimes my hope does swell
Then you turn cold and I feel I should depart
I am no god, I am no angel
I'm simply a girl with a broken heart
My love for you will never die
But one day, sweetheart, my tears will never dry.


By Christine Schnell

As my words go unanswered
My breath becomes short
Everything around me dark and heavy
You entered my life
With a crash and zing
You left it with a whisper.

Your face never changed
Never grew ugly or cruel
Serene you were when we first met
And so you are as you leave me
Never hurtful always loving

Your heart was lonely
Until I filled it
My heart was broken
Until you mended it

What a short time we had
What a wondrous thing you've done
Life can change in a moment
And you've no idea
How you've changed mine.

I try to accept our fate
That will not do
You are merely gone for a time
Our paths have crossed once
They will again I'm sure

Silent you are now
Silent you will be
But our future will somehow
Come together and I'll be with you eternally


The Tale
By Christine Schnell
There's always a tale to be told
From the days of old
Listen and you'll hear the wonders of life
Even when the world is in plight

Have you not heard?
Every day comes a new
challenge, the unknown
That's what we're here for
it is what you can not fight

There's always a lesson to be learned
With a tear or a laugh
When the day is through and the story ended
that's when we take what was given
and make it our own

In our dreams the truth comes
There we are free to fly, to swim,
to become what we will.
the answers are found there alone

Yet the moment we wake up
all is forgotten and we must start anew
one more song, one more rhyme
it's yet another chance to learn
and grow from the seeds we have planted

Dreams can be remembered.
Stories are captured in books.
Songs turn over and over in the mind.
Now and forever if we try, for
There's always hope
if we don't take life for granted


By Christine Schnell
Light hearted he came to me
With a smile and outstretched hand
no malice did he bear
with a soft hand did he lift me up
his love overfilled my cup

"Life" he said, "Would never be complete
if you were not born unto this land.
There is no other that can match your fairness
your strength of heart or love
and your soul is as free as a dove."

The winter came and he held me tight
the summer blazed as he blocked the light
Gene, Daddy, Father;  They're all the same
It's his love for me that will forever remain.


By Christine Schnell
If there was a day
That I would call my own
It would be this one
For it's the best one.

There's no problems here
No one to yell and scream
Only the quiet of this room
And time to dream

There's the sounds of planes
But they're no harm
To the time of piece
And love and charm.

If I were to make it better
There's only one thing I could do
It's so clear to me now
I'd spend this time with you.


Train Wreck
By Christine Schnell

A train wreck of words
Is all I'm capable of lately
Sometimes when it hurts inside
I say things I've been holding in
They blurt out like a train on a broken bridge
The mess it creates no one understands
Words are jumbled and spilled upon the floor
Meanings are misconstrued and hearts are broken
Like so many limbs, it's nearly impossible to fix

One after another the cars fly off the cliff
Like the flow of words, they can't be stopped
Each lands with a crash and hurts those nearest
Picking up the pieces is difficult
There's so many and scattered so far
Over time with a lot of patience
The area is cleared of the disaster
Still the scars remain in the ground
Pieces of metal still stick in the wounds

Words can not express the horror I feel
At watching the train wreck from a distance
After being involved in one with one so dear
Over and over, you try to see what could have been done
To prevent such a loss, but the tracks are laid
And the switch too far back
I can only hope to survive, scared and wounded
But still with you by my side helping me to my feet
I think I can survive anything.

Please forgive my hurting words
They were not truly meant for you
I simply did not pull the break on time
If you see the warning signs please signal me
And next time I will not start the train
On that journey if I can see far enough ahead
Keep this train on safe tracks
And she'll never derail.


Wonders of the Night
By Christine Schnell
Taken from her homeland
made aware of things to come
it was not fun being the only one
who would be the last of her kind

She grew up alone
given no toys
kept in a box
filled with noise

Of all the things she wanted
Only one mattered
She would see
her home again
even if it were shattered

Plagued by feelings
she didn't understand
she moved forward in life
with all control out of her hands

It was so until one night
as she lived in the dark
there was nothing of fright
that could make her run

This night began with a noise
one so loud it was nothing to enjoy
she scratched at the walls with
bleeding hands, pleading, screaming

There was no escape
from the fortified crate,
the sound she had heard
was her own heart break

She felt what she knew was the end
The screams of her family and friends
filled her mind and ripped it apart
as she tore at the box that would not bend

Blackness encased her
It soaked into her heart
she thought it was the end
but perhaps it was a start

She used the skills
that were thrown upon her
with a thought she was able to kill
those who had entrapped her

There was no satisfaction
no thought no feeling could bring
back her world and freedom
nothing ever would

The blood on her hands
no longer her own
Enslaved for eternity
All her hopes have flown

 Left all alone in the universe
In the darkness of the night
A wonderfully strong mind
never again to see the light.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please send me any comments you might have, good or bad. Copyrighted 1996-2008 by Christine Schnell. Go ahead and share it with others just keep my name with it.

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