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7-4-13 - It unfortunately took me six months to finish this chapter in Season of Darkness (and I thought I was going to have it done so fast). Skip to Chapter 32 using the bookmarks.

In this chapter we see one of my major milestones come to fruition. We say good-bye to someone that has been a major part of Toni's life since coming to the domus.

12-20-12 - And another new chapter in time for Christmas. Toni comes to terms with her past in Chapter 31 which can be found in the pdf in Season of Darkness.

3-21-12 - Welcome to the first day of spring and a new chapter in Season of Darkness.

There's a new vampire in the gens, and Toni's responsible for him. It's her first time bringing someone through suborior. As if she doesn't have enough on her mind, Kenneth gets in trouble dragging her further into a conspiracy.

2-26-12 - Bet you thought I forgot. Well, here is the next chapter of Season of Darkness.

While many things are disguised as fun and games in the vampire world, Toni learns the truth behind them and some of the vampires' most well kept secrets.

1-20-12 - See, I promised another within a month! Season of Darkness Chapter 28 is up and ready for you to read.

Life is pretty non-stop for Toni as she is given another assignment by the Queen, has her own plans to deal with, Keir keeps her busy with training for a tournament, and spend time with Bram. Some things are likely to fall by the wayside.

12-30-11 - Yea! I did it! I got the next Season of Darkness chapter finished before the end of the year! Toni often surprises me with the choices she makes and directions she takes this story into despite what I may have planned for her. There's two instances in this chapter that she caused me to alter my plans slightly. She's a tricky girl that one. Beware though, there is more to come (the future ones should be transparent for you but believe me, they rocked my world). After her own life changing isolation, Toni isn't given much time to rest. Keir takes her to Phoenix with Bram in tow where she gets in more trouble and it doesn't end when she gets back.

11-08-11 - Nearly a year has gone by and I haven't updated. However, I have a new chapter of Season of Darkness. Chapter 26 is ready for your enjoyment. Toni is back at the Vampire complex and her life isn't getting any easier. Trouble has been brewing while she was away, but she's forced to deal with a more pressing issue.

Also, I've had one of my stories "Golden Man" published on on October 18th. You can still read it in the archives.

12-10-10 - Sorry for not updating this page. This site has had several chapter updates but they seem to have been missed on the news page.

The main news now is that I am currently offering my services as a copy editor. If you're interested please click here.

1-10-10 - It's finally happening! My first publication is on it's way, at the moment it's in preorder for North America only. Soon it will be available on Amazon and might be cheaper. Page Dancers is a collaborative non-profit effort by writers on Click here to read more about it and preorder it from IFWG Publishing.

12-20-09 - Merry Christmas all! Here is my gift to you, the first chapter this year that is more or less on time! Toni and Bram travel to find a hunter and as normal the journey is always more interesting than the destination. See what happens in Chapter 22 of Season of Darkness.

11-15-09 - Even while relaxing all is not perfect and the past begins to creep up on Toni's mind in Chapter 21 of Season of Darkness. I also added several stories to the Tidbits section.

9-25-09 - I have a new section: Travels. Whenever I go on a trip I do a writeup about it. My friends have enjoyed them so I thought I'd share them with you. So far I have my last three trips up: Across the USA, India, and an Alaskan Cruise.

9-14-09 - Chapter 20 of Season of Darkness is up. Toni finally gets some well deserved rest and relaxation, as well as some information.

8-10-09 - I added a couple more short stories: Mirrormen and The Pirate Queen. I'm still working on the next chapter of Leaving the Light so I'm afraid you'll have to keep waiting.

6-21-09 - I just added a whole bunch of new short stories and a few poems. I also rearranged the front page a little.

6-18-09 - Another long awaited chapter, after the cliffhanger questioning if Toni really dies I give you and she relief. Here is Chapter 19 of Season of Darkness. Near death Toni hallucinates not only of her past but also of Velren. How much of it is real and how much her imagination? She may never know. Also check for updates in the Tidbits section.

3-21-09 - There's a lot of little changes around the site as I'm trying to do cleanup. You shouldn't notice much difference but if you find a problem please e-mail me.

3-21-09 - I am so sorry for the delay. You would not believe the mess my life and computer has been through the last few months. Even now I'm still having problems but I'm sneaking Chapter 18 of Season of Darkness in despite this dumb computer! Of course I'm not the only one with problems; Toni has fallen under an avalanche of emotions and this time she doesn't think she'll survive.

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