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  Exotic Moog / Moog Rock by Martin Denny
Artist:Martin Denny
Album:Exotic Moog / Moog Rock
Genre:Easy Listening
Album Length:1:01:27
1Quiet Village4:01
2I Talk To The Trees2:55
3Yellow Bird2:04
4The Enchanted Sea2:17
6Let Go (Canto de Ossanha)2:39
7Midnight Cowboy2:16
8Cast Your Fate To The Wind2:21
9Let It Be Me (Je T'Appartiens)2:22
10A Taste Of Honey3:00
11Was It Really Love3:12
12Love Me Tonight (All Fine Della Strada)2:38
13Les Baxter - Nocturne3:30
14Les Baxter - Prelude C# Minor2:53
15Les Baxter - Fantasie Impromptu4:32
16Les Baxter - 2nd Piano Concerto2:11
17Les Baxter - Piano Concerto1:47
18Les Baxter - Polevitzian Dance2:26
19Les Baxter - Prelude In E Minor2:46
20Les Baxter - Claire De Lune3:30
21Les Baxter - Prelude In C2:36
22Les Baxter - Prelude In E2:23
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