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  Seduction: Through the Past... Darkly by Sleep Chamber
Artist:Sleep Chamber
Album:Seduction: Through the Past... Darkly
Album Length:54:13
1Snakebite (Original Demo Version)5:32
2Babes ov Babylon ('92 Version Remake)4:40
3The Light Pours Out ov Me (Remix)4:24
4The Great & Secret Show (Unreleased)4:40
5Red Panties (Alternative Version)4:23
6Animal Magnetism (Alternative Version)4:02
7Blue Eyez, Blue Sheets (Unreleased)4:31
8Catwoman (Live At Manray, Cambridge 8-18-94)4:38
9Salome (Live At the Limelight, NYC 10-18-94)4:11
10Infatuation (Live At the Middle East 10-31-94)13:07
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