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  Back In Time II by Paul Norman
Artist:Paul Norman
Album:Back In Time II
Album Length:1:13:58
1Aztec Challenge (Tribal mix by Peter Connelly)3:10
2Martin Galway - Galway Is God 2000 (CD mix by Jogeir Liljedahl)7:38
3Rob Hubbard - Warhawk (MagnetoMixe by Chris Abbott)4:32
4Martin Galway - Roland's Rat Race (Yeeeeeeah 12'' mix by Jogeir Liljedahl)3:47
5Fred Gray - Batman The Caped Crusader (Radio funk mix by Fred Gray & Chris Abbott)3:30
6Martin Galway - Terra Cresta (Apocalypse mix by Jogeir Liljedahl)4:21
7Andromeda - Scarabeus (Spacestation mix by Darren Izzard)3:44
8Yukihiro Takahashi - Rydeen (Daley Thompson's Decathlon Loader by Chris Abbott & Warren Pilkington)3:11
9Mark Cooksey - Ghosts 'N' Goblins (Spook Rock mix by Mark Cooksey)4:29
10Giogio Moroder and Klaus Dolinger - Ivory Tower (Theme from Helikopter Jagd by Jogeir Liljedahl)4:30
11Forbidden Forest (Elfman mix by Peter Connelly)3:31
12Martin Galway - Wizball 2000 (Lara and Enya mix by Tonka)7:08
13Matt Gray - Driller (Thundermix by Darren Izzard & Chris Abbott)8:37
14Rob Hubbard - Thalamusik 2000 (Zzap!64 reborn mix by Chris Abbott)5:41
15Martin Galway - Comic Bakery (Danko mix by Tomas Danko)6:06
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