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  Mortal Kombat by KMFDM
Album:Mortal Kombat
Album Length:1:11:58
1A Taste Of Things To Come - A Taste Of Things To Come:49
2Gravity Kills - Goodbye (Demo)3:11
3Juke Joint Jezebel (Giorgio Moroder Metropolis Mix)5:16
4Psykosonik - Unlearn (Josh Wink's Live Mix)4:50
5Traci Lords - Control (Juno Reactor Instrumental)6:26
6Orbital - Halcyon + On + On9:24
7Utah Saints - Utah Saints Take On The Theme From Mortal Kombat3:00
8Geezer (Gzr) - The Invisible3:43
9Fear Factory - Zero Signal5:57
10Sister Machine Gun - Burn4:45
11Type O Negative - Blood & Fire (Out Of The Ashes Mix)4:28
12Bile - I Reject2:48
13Napalm Death - Twist The Knife (Slowly)2:51
14Mutha's Day Out - What U See - We All Bleed Red4:10
15The Immortals - Techno Syndrome 7' Mix3:24
16Goro Vs. Art (Featuring Buckethead) - Goro Vs. Art (Featuring Buckethead)2:59
17Demon Warriors - Final Kombat (Bonus Track - Not In Moution Picture. Original Score By George ...3:49
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