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  Trance Planet Volume Two by Ayub Ogada
Artist:Ayub Ogada
Album:Trance Planet Volume Two
Genre:National Folk
Album Length:1:04:22
2Mo Boma - Walk Like a Pygmy4:01
3Sheila Chandra - Sacred Stones5:32
4Gol - Angelica in Delirium8:29
5Lokua Kanza - Boto2:21
6Madredeus - Matinal3:27
7Dissidenten - Monsoon4:09
8Harold Budd and Andy Partridge - Through the Hill4:07
9Baba Djan - Touba Fama Ke5:32
10Loop Guru - The Third Chamber Part 46:52
11David Hykes - True to the Times8:07
12Alla - Improvisation5:03
13Batacoto - N'Cosi Sikelel'I-Africa1:05
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