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  Saddle Creek 50 (Disc 1) by The Faint
Artist:The Faint
Album:Saddle Creek 50 (Disc 1)
Genre:Indie Rock
Album Length:37:51
1Worked Up So Sexual2:40
2Take Me to the Hospital4:05
3Now It's Overhead - Wonderful Scar3:35
4Now It's Overhead - Dark Cycle4:21
5Rilo Kiley - With Arms Outstretched3:42
6Rilo Kiley - Jenny, You're Barely Alive3:29
7Cursive - The Martyr3:56
8Cursive - Nonsense2:48
9Son, Ambulance - A Book Laid on Its Binding3:03
10Son, Ambulance - The Moral of Rosa, Parolee6:08
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