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  Essential Pebbles Vol. 2 (Disc 2) by Purple Haze Shades of Blue
Artist:Purple Haze Shades of Blue
Album:Essential Pebbles Vol. 2 (Disc 2)
Album Length:1:10:19
1Purple Haze Shades of Blue2:18
2Dawn 5 Mike's Bag - Dawn 5 Mike's Bag1:41
3Denny Noie - Catalinas It ain't a big thing2:19
4Fading Tribesmen More Feathers - Fading Tribesmen More Feathers2:22
5Lost Souls It's not fair - Lost Souls It's not fair2:05
6Spires of Oxford But You're Gone - Spires of Oxford But You're Gone2:42
7Vistas Don't Know - Vistas Don't Know2:33
8Chimes Part 38 - Chimes Part 382:28
9DC Drifters Louisiana Blues - DC Drifters Louisiana Blues3:23
10Dean Kohler Gooseberry Pie - Dean Kohler Gooseberry Pie2:52
11Children I can Feel it - Children I can Feel it2:29
12Why Four Hard Life - Why Four Hard Life2:06
13Why Four Not Fade Away - Why Four Not Fade Away2:13
14Doo & the Diddits I'm a man - Doo & the Diddits I'm a man2:51
15Night Watch The Goods gone - Night Watch The Goods gone2:17
16Night Watch Shake - Night Watch Shake2:12
17Rick and the Rivals Stricken by you - Rick and the Rivals Stricken by you2:33
18Sinders Get out of my Life - Sinders Get out of my Life1:33
19Abstracts Always Always - Abstracts Always Always2:09
20Crying Shame Come on Back - Crying Shame Come on Back2:36
21Berries Baby I won't You Follow me Down - Berries Baby I won't You Follow me Down2:34
22Outcasts I Wanted You - Outcasts I Wanted You1:58
23Lunduns It's Gonna Be Alright - Lunduns It's Gonna Be Alright3:30
24Ye Court Jesters But I Still Love Her - Ye Court Jesters But I Still Love Her2:07
25Checkmates Eyes On You Baby - Checkmates Eyes On You Baby2:17
26Inner Prism Bad Seed - Inner Prism Bad Seed2:48
27Classic 5 Wine Wine Wine - Classic 5 Wine Wine Wine2:12
28Inn Crowd Gotta Find A Girl - Inn Crowd Gotta Find A Girl2:14
29Lawson & Four More If You Want Me - Lawson & Four More If You Want Me2:41
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