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  The Bride of Firesign by The Firesign Theatre
Artist:The Firesign Theatre
Album:The Bride of Firesign
Album Length:1:40:48
1Firesign Theatre - Pulling It off as a Man2:26
1Pulling It Off As A Man2:27
2Whaz Reeaal!6:27
2Firesign Theatre - Whaz Reeaal!6:27
3Firesign Theatre - Nick Danger's L-O-S-T-G-A-L-S7:16
3Nick Danger's 'L-O-S-T G-A-L-S'7:16
4Firesign Theatre - The Bride Stripped Bare5:53
4The Bride Stripped Bare5:53
5Firesign Theatre - Low-Glow Land5:55
5Low-Glow Land5:55
6Firesign Theatre - Xeno's Paradise6:20
6Xeno's Paradise6:20
7The Haystack In The Needle5:16
7Firesign Theatre - The Haystack in the Needle5:16
8Dr. Fireside's Plastic Beauty Show4:47
8Firesign Theatre - Dr. Fireside's Plastic Beauty Saloon4:47
9The Graverobber's Roadshow5:59
9Firesign Theatre - The Graverobber's Roadshow5:59
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