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  Unquiet Grave III Unearthing the Underground (Disc 2) by Messy
Album:Unquiet Grave III Unearthing the Underground (Disc 2)
Genre:Gothic Rock
Album Length:1:18:02
1Make You Believe4:26
2Doll Factory - Touch5:32
3Endanger - Inside4:44
4The Shizit - Point, Click, Kill4:07
5The Illuminati - Deterioration:Initialized6:44
6Imperius Rex - S.A.T.A.N.I.K3:51
7Mindless Faith - All These Years5:31
8Distorted Reality - You Want You Hate Me3:49
9Aleister Einstein - Roller Girl (Second Hand Skates Mix)4:39
10Pulsa Denura - Equinox5:35
11Butterfly messiah - Transmigration4:16
126AM Eternal - Next level4:46
13Grace Overthrone - Fight3:25
14Edge of Dawn - Deja Vu6:14
15Aenima - Earthlore3:55
16Enrapture - Of the Flesh6:20
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