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5:40Bachi2Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
6:03Delta Sierra4Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
7:43Duo Plus Four11Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
7:03Hand Me Down10Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
5:08Resemblance8Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
5:16Soul Sauce3Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
4:37Tjaderized1Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
5:03Tres palabras7Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
6:07Triste6Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
5:23Viva Cepeda5Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
5:27Yeah9Dave SamuelsTjaderizedJazz1998
Total playtime: 0d 1:03:34
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