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7:31A Quitter15RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
4:23All Tomorrow's Parties6RasputinaThe Lost & FoundGothic2001
2:13AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes13RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
3:54Any Old Actress14RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
2:11Brand New Key6RasputinaTransylvanian RegurgitationsAvantgarde1997
2:13Brand New Key9RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
5:49Call Me Alice Rasputina<Unknown>Gothic 
1:31Christian Soldiers11RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
2:51Clipped7RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
1:09Cooped14RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
3:22CrossWalk10RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
3:21Crybabies10RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
1:10Diamond Mind13RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
2:59Dig Ophelia15RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
4:06Dollhouse Rasputina<Unknown>Gothic 
2:40Dwarf Star6RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
2:40Endomorph8RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
1:06Five Fleas13RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:43Gingerbread Coffin1RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
3:51Golden Grains Rasputina<Unknown>Gothic 
3:02Herb Girls of Birkenau9RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
2:35How We Quit the Forest14RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
3:14Howard Hughes11RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:17Howard Hughes3RasputinaTransylvanian RegurgitationsAvantgarde1997
3:55Hunter's Kiss11RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
1:50I'm a Boy Rasputina<Unknown>Gothic 
3:53Invisible (glitches) Rasputina<Unknown>Gothic 
1:33Kate Moss16RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:12Leechwife2RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
2:37Mayfly10RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
3:26Mr. E. Leon Rauis6RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
2:30My Little Shirtwaist1RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:17My Orphanage9RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
1:55Nozzle3RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:09Our Lies12RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
2:26PJ + Vincent & Matthew + Bjork8RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
3:07Rats6RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
3:34Remnants of Percy Bass5RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
3:23Rock and Roll7RasputinaThe Lost & FoundGothic2001
2:46Rose K.5RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
3:37Rusty The Skatemaker4RasputinaTransylvanian RegurgitationsAvantgarde1997
3:36Rusty The Skatemaker17RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:47Sign of the Zodiac7RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
2:59Sister Sleep12RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:11State Fair3RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
4:01Stumpside2RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:33Sweet Water Kill (The Ocean Song)4RasputinaCabin Fever!Avantgarde2002
2:01The Donner Party7RasputinaThanks For The EtherAvantgarde1996
3:40The New Zero4RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
2:50The Olde Headboard1RasputinaHow We Quit the ForestAvantgarde1998
Total playtime: 0d 3:37:58
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