• Type: C++ API/Application
  • Author: Eric von Bayer <ebayer@thetesseract.org>

  • Copyright: s80tool Copyright © 2000 Eric von Bayer
  • Copyright: s80-file-api Copyright © 2000 Eric von Bayer

  • Description: Utility and code level API for dealing with S2A, S2E, S2V, and S2I files specific to the Yamaha S80 synthesizer. Intended for use in librarian code.

  • Source:
    • Now that I have taken the time to provide the utility, I have removed the source code from this site. If anyone wants it, email me and I'll consider it.


S80 Windows GUI/Application History:

  08/01/00 Version 1.0 (Initial full release) -------------------
  07/30/00 Closing main window will let you save unsaved work of any
           open window (because it will quit the application)
  07/30/00 Windows are created better, so they don't end up exactly
           overlapping generally.
  07/23/00 Only one application is up at a time, all files get routed to it
  07/23/00 Added dirty system and warnings for closing before saving

  07/16/00 Version 0.3a release ---------------------------------
  07/16/00 Minor fixes/enhancements (used the new code API)

  07/12/00 Version 0.2a release ---------------------------------
  07/12/00 Added New option
  07/12/00 Added Merge option/requestor
  07/12/00 Added about requestor
  07/12/00 Made the load/save more robust

  07/11/00 Version 0.1a release ---------------------------------
  07/11/00 First semi-functional application, all be it fairly limited
  07/11/00 Load and save S2A, S2E, and S2V
  07/11/00 Import and Export S2I
  07/10/00 Began work... Finally got the right tool... C++Builder

S80 file code level API History:

  07/20/00 S2A Defaults
  07/20/00 Instrument/percussion/performance defaults
  07/14/00 Version 0.3 release ---------------------------------
  07/14/00 Added clipboard commands
  07/14/00 Put finishing touches on multiple windows and drag-n-drop
  07/13/00 Multiple window support and initial drag-n-drop
  07/12/00 Updated smart files to work under windows properly
  07/12/00 Updated File interface to be more flexible
  07/12/00 Updated Item interface to handle defaults
  07/11/00 Revised the Bank classes/templates (added extra info too)

  06/11/00 Version 0.2 release ---------------------------------
  06/11/00 Added S2E File format (Read and Write)
  06/11/00 Added S2A Write Function
  06/11/00 Completed S2A Read Function (ignores nothing)

  06/09/00 Version 0.1 release ---------------------------------
  06/09/00 Added S2A Read function (ignores parts of the file)
  06/09/00 Added S2V Read/Write functions
  06/06/00 Added S2I Read/Write functions
  06/06/00 Initial Objects amd structure

To Do: - Full definitions for Instruments, performances, and percussive banks (as well as OO interfaces.) * Add handling for the PLG banks. - Add a MID type so we can read in/write out MIDI SysEx style instruments. * Add a SYX type to bank saves - Instrument Editing * Library window * Directory based Library trees - URL based Library trees



Executable (Windows 95/98/2000/NT):
  • S80Tool 1.1 (Windows) All the features of 1.0 with added support for direct MIDI transfer, importing and exporting in SYX format, and creation of Cakewalk instrument definitions.

    --- Old Versions (Release History Only) ---

  • S80Tool 1.0 (Windows) (First full release) - This gives a very solid layer of functionality. I think all the major bugs are out of it. It has drag-n-drop bank editing, importing/exporting from single instrument files, file associations, and multiple window editing. Now it's time to work on adding the icing on the cake.

  • S80ToolWin_03a.exe (pre-release 0.3a) - The bank editor is now almost fully functional. Still no MID and SYX support. You can now drag-n-drop instruments, open new windows, etc. Unapparent feature, hold down Ctrl when beginning a drag-n-drop will make it swap the source and destination instead of overwriting the destination with the source. Minor bug: If you close the first window that came up, you will exit the whole application.

  • S80ToolWin_02a.exe (pre-release 0.2a) - Decently functional, still no MID or SYX. After a few suggestions I got the files smaller and so we didn't need so many.

  • S80ToolWin_01a.exe (pre-release 0.1a) - Many things don't work quite right in this version. Importing and exporting from anything but S2A files can sometimes yield weird results. No matter what the file requestors say, you cannot use MID or SYX files yet. Back up files before using, this is for demonstration purposes only so people can see the general User Interface and try it out a little.


(Nothing yet, will be stuff here in the future.)

S80Tool and all web content (C) Copyright 2000, Eric von Bayer