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4:45Are You Ready?1CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
4:19Beautiful3CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
3:49Bullets1CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
4:32Don't Stop Dancing10CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
5:59Faceless Man6CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
2:36Freedom Fighter2CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
4:27Hide9CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
5:16Higher9CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
4:26Higher (Acoustic) Creed<Unknown>Rock 
4:51Higher (WTC Remix) Creed<Unknown>Rock 
4:37Illusion6CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
4:58In America5CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
5:48Inside Us All11CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
3:04Lullaby11CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
4:58My Own Prison3CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
5:03My Own Prison (Acoustic) CreedMy Own Prison (Hmv Limited CD)Rock1997
4:54My Sacrifice6CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
4:51Never Die7CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
4:57Ode2CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
5:02One10CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
3:26One (Acoustic) Creed<Unknown>Rock 
3:58One Last Breath5CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
5:29Pity For A Dime4CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
5:15Say I4CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
4:28Signs4CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
4:56Sister8CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
4:17Stand Here With Me7CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
5:12To Whom It May Concern CreedHigher Import SingleRock 
6:24Torn1CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
3:38Unforgiven7CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
6:04Wash Away Those Years10CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
5:30Weathered8CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
5:18What If2CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
4:08What's This Life For9CreedMy Own PrisonRock1997
8:25Who's Got My Back?3CreedWeatheredChristian Rock2001
4:34With Arms Wide Open8CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
3:55With Arms Wide Open (hidden)12CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
4:19Wrong Way5CreedHuman ClayChristian Rock2000
Total playtime: 0d 3:02:46
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