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3:57Back To School (Mini Maggit)1DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
5:01Change (In The House Of Flies)11DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
4:15Digital Bath3DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
4:01Elite4DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
3:09Feiticeira2DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
4:49Knife Prty8DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
3:23Korea9DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
3:35My Own Summer (Shove It)9DeftonesThe MatrixSoundtrack1999
6:08Passenger10DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
7:32Pink Maggit12DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
4:27Rx Queen5DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
2:41Street Carp6DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
3:20Teenager7DeftonesWhite PonyRock2000
3:34Teething12DeftonesThe Crow: City of AngelsSoundtrack1996
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