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5:22All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)7XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:32Ball And Chain2XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:15Burning With Optimism's Flames12XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
2:32Don't Lose Your Temper8XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
5:27Down In The Cockpit13XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
3:49English Roundabout14XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
3:17Fly On The Wall12XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:04Generals And Majors2XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
3:55It's Nearly Africa10XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
6:09Jason And The Argonauts4XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:29Knuckle Down11XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
5:02Leisure9XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:43Living Through Another Cuba3XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
3:07Love At First Sight4XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
6:34Melt The Guns8XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:52No Language In Our Lungs6XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
5:09No Thugs In Our House5XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:17Paper And Iron (Notes And Coins)11XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
3:36Respectable Street1XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
3:29Rocket From A Bottle5XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
4:33Runaways1XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:51Senses Working Overtime3XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
3:56Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)13XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
3:51Smokeless Zone7XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
5:09Snowman15XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
4:38The Somnambulist9XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
5:23Towers Of London10XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
6:56Travels In Nihilon14XTCBlack SeaAlternative1987
3:58Yacht Dance6XTCEnglish SettlementRock1982
Total playtime: 0d 2:12:10
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